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OWS was Libertarian and most of them voted for Ron Paul
Justine Tunney isnt a Progressive. Shes a mentally ill pro-Capitalist technofetishist Google employee
Actually the Unabomber was directly created by the US government in a mind control program named MK Ultra. I know that sounds like a conspiracy theory but this one is actually real and fully documented. Theodore Kaczynski was literally an experimental subject of MK Ultra. His codename was "Lawful" See for yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra#Notable_subjects
They wanted money out of politics. Their demands were very simple and clear. The only reason you didnt know what their demands were is because you relied on the mainstream news sources which actively covered up their actual message, and you were too lazy to get the real news elsewhere.
OWS didnt exist until well after Obama was elected President
Youre thinking of the Tea Party
"They" meaning Justine Tunny, a pro-Capitalist, pro-corporate Google shill
The largest demographic at OWS were Libertarians and Justine Tunney is a mentally ill technofetishist and corporatist Capitalism-apologist. You dont even know who youre really talking about. Oh and by the way, Chernobyl and Fukushima called, they wanted you to know the anti-nuclear activists were 100% proven right.
Yeah, youll remember this list right up until theres another Republican in the White House, and then youll go right back to blindly worshiping the federal government just like you did when Bush and Cheney were in charge. You and the Democrats are exactly the same, you just fight for your "team", regardless of what it means. While us Libertarians NEVER trust the criminal United States government, regardless of who is in power.
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In the Long Run, Is the GOP Dead?

Willxxx Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 4:06 AM
Hahaha, looks like somebody read one too many Ayn Rand novels. The productive people are the working class. The upper classes produce nothing, and take everything. I doubt no more than 10% of the upper classes know how to even cook their own meals, let alone fix their own cars, build their own houses, mow their own lawns, raise their own kids. Theyre the idle rich. Send them to an island full of resources and no one to wait on them hand and foot and theyll all die of starvation. Theyre useless parasites, getting rich off the back of the American and third-world workers. They have literally ZERO life skills that dont involve financial crime and stock market manipulations. See how far that gets you in Costa Rica lol.
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