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Illegals Immigrating Back to Mexico

willowhawk Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 10:44 PM
Talk about numbers being pulled out of the air! Under GWB we had anywhere from 12million to 20 million illegals living in the US and 1 million crossing the border every year, not to mention the 500 thousand we let in legally each year, how did that number get down to 7.1 million and who did the counting? If we know and can count these illegals why aren't they being deported? What kind of mumbo jumbo jive talk are you handing us Charles?

A few years ago, I wondered if everyone simply had too much stuff. You, know, it felt like everyone had all the gadgets and I wondered where demand would come from.

Obviously that's an elementary way of thinking about things but sometimes simple is better than complicated. In any event, I still wonder if we have too much stuff and if one day we wake up and nobody needs anything.

It's never going to happen I guess because even when our wages aren't keeping up with inflation and we are dipping into savings, Americans will spend money. As consumers, we've...

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