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We need to look at other money sucking programs other then Social Security and Medicare, this is a government scare tactic, If we drop Medicade, which no one wants to talk about, and add it's money to Medicare we could pay for that program. Social Security has income intended just for it, welfare has none, the welfare program gets bigger and bigger every day. Drop welfare and Medicade make those people re qualify only legal Americans and truly needy people and most of our problem would be fixed. Stop sending money to country's that hate us and start producing our own energy resources, that would put lots of people back to work. Close government departments that are duplicates of each other and departments that have proven to be dormant .
Republicans will lose the house no matter what, voter fraud got Obama back in and voter fraud will give the house to the democrats. We must fix voter fraud or we lose the country. I can't believe with all the evidence of voter fraud that the GOP is not looking into it and finding a way to stop it before the 2014 elections, nothing else matters, we could do everything right and still lose to voter fraud.
What is a safe neighborhood? The people the Manson family killed lived in so called safe neighborhoods. A true safe neighborhood is a neighborhood that you know all your neighbors and they are all armed.
I heard the questions being asked, but, I didn't hear any answers from Issa he was good at dancing around the answers the American people want to hear. Dose he have a green light to go to the next step? How long before he issues contempt charges? Sounds like a bunch of political double talk. Issa is there to appease the American people till after the election and all will be forgotten. Wake up people they are all in it together, It's like the prosecuting and defense attorneys at each other throats during the trial but best of friends after, just trying to make people think they are doing their job.
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Illegals Immigrating Back to Mexico

willowhawk Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 10:44 PM
Talk about numbers being pulled out of the air! Under GWB we had anywhere from 12million to 20 million illegals living in the US and 1 million crossing the border every year, not to mention the 500 thousand we let in legally each year, how did that number get down to 7.1 million and who did the counting? If we know and can count these illegals why aren't they being deported? What kind of mumbo jumbo jive talk are you handing us Charles?
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Christie Risks All to Take on Unions

willowhawk Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 2:11 AM
SEIU or AFL-CIO or Teamsters
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