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Report: US Officials Denied Three Requests for Reinforcements During Benghazi Attack

Will Malven2 Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 4:12 PM
At the very least, President Obama is guilty of negligent manslaughter. There is absolutely no way that Obama didn't know what was occurring within minutes of the first alert. The system is set up so that, in addition to the emails we all know about that are not secret, there is also a flash message system which is essentially a "panic button" alert which goes directly to the White House Situation Room. Once the flash message reaches the WHSR, there is a protocol for who is to be informed and the President is at the top of that list. The President would have been informed instantly. If he is telling the truth, then it's even worse, because it proves he isn't even in control--could Valerie Jarrett be the actual President? Impeach!

In a saga full of bombshell revelations, yet another big one has dropped.  Fox News is reporting that CIA higher-ups nixed three separate, urgent requests for help during the Benghazi 9/11 terrorist attack that claimed the lives of four Americans, including our ambassador.  The raid lasted approximately seven hours, yet at every stage, the chain of command explicitly declined to intervene on behalf of the besieged...