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29 cadets complained that they were offended--seems to me the academy just found 29 cadets that should be kicked out of the academy. If your skin is so thin that a single biblical post sends you to your CO or an outside group to complain, then you have no business in command or in the military. Besides, how many cadets attend the academy? 29 out of over 4000 complained and the commandant caved? The military is going the way of our nation--down the political correctness toilet.
"PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!" "Everybody look, look at this shiny object. Panic and worry, the world is going to boil away" /rolleyes Democrats are desperate to distract attention from and to deflect conversation from the myriad of failures (has there been a single success) of the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress.
All you need to know about Texas Democrats is that when Wendy Davis did her little filibuster stunt, he Texas Democrat supporters brought jars of urine and bags of feces to throw at opposing pols. These people are the scum of the Earth. They have no honor, no morals, no honesty, only selfishness, hatred, and lies.
No liberal does. They invariably mistake their opinions for facts and their mythology for reality.
". . . Most doctors do not have or need admitting privileges, and hospitals usually only grant them to doctors who routinely have patients in need of hospital care . . ." That's odd. I don't believe I have ever had a "primary care" physician that didn't have admitting privileges to at least one hospital . . . including the pediatrician I went to when I was a tyke. Sounds like one of those LIBERAL "facts." The sort they routinely invent and then toss around as though they're real.
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Obama Must Go

Will Malven2 Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 4:58 PM
Another ignorant lefty. Wrong. Conservatives didn't "deregulate[d] us into the Great Depression," Hoover was a moderate/liberal and increased taxes by signing into law the Smoot Hawley Tariff Act. I'm sure as a good little liberal, you think that was a good idea. In addition, he signed the Revenue Act which increased top tax rates from 25% to 63%--another action I'm certain you would applaud. No, it was not "conservatives" who caused the Great Depression, it was liberal policies enacted by moderate/liberals in government. As for doing anything damaging, how about running up more debt in his first 5 years than Bush did in his entire 8 years--including fighting 2 wars, recovering from the Clinton Recession, adding the Medicare drug coverage, and recovering from the attacks on 9/11. Obama has caused more damage to more Americans, to our national prestige, to our traditional alliances, and to our society in general than anyone could have ever imagined. Try reality, it's far better than the fantasy world you liberals live in.
Looks like China has given tacit approval of Russia's Crimean adventures . . . probably a quid pro quo for any action China may choose to make against Taiwan or one of the other islands under dispute. This entire escapade is Obama's fault. It is his weak, ineffectual "leadership" that has invited these sorts of actions. Why should Putin worry? Look at the people we have been sending out there to deal with world leaders. First it was Hillary--the woman who has built her entire career on being the wife of a former President. Follow that with John "The Gigolo" Kerry-Heinz--has there ever been a more pompous buffoon? And for Defense, Chuck Hagel--only a Democrat could believe Hagel would make a good Sec. Def. Putin must be quaking in his boots . . . from laughter.
2 billion, not million.
The quote, "the silent artillery of time," was originally used, in this context by George Will. Rush was reading George's ed. and then expanded on it in his usual well-informed manner.
"Finally: The Government Shutdown is Over" Yes, we can all now breathe a sigh of relief . . . here, I'll do it for you . . . "WHEW!" Feel better now? /ROLL EYES Michelle's garden will no longer go to the squirrels and the slaves can all use their EBT cards. I feel better already . . . never mind the cliff we are driving off of.
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