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Is Disability the New Welfare?

willis9 Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 11:18 AM
Much of it starts in grade school. children are told to act crazy in school. The teacher refers them to a psychologist that diagnoses them as having mental problems which in the course of things makes the parents eligible for what are commonly called crazy checks. The children are told they must continue the charade to keep the checks coming. When they reach the age of majority, they have a long mental health history that makes them eligible to receive the checks as disabled people for the rest of their lives. Your tax dollars at work.

The government in Britain recently did something interesting.

It asked everyone receiving an "incapacity benefit" -- a disability program slowly being phased out under new reforms -- to submit to a medical test to confirm they were too disabled to work. A third of recipients (878,000 people) didn't even bother and dropped out of the program rather than be examined. Of those tested, more than half (55 percent) were found fit for work, and a quarter were found fit for some work.

But that's Britain, where there's a long tradition of gaming the dole. Americans would never think of taking advantage...