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As usual when it comes to a vote, the democrats claiming to be pro-life to get elected fall into line with the rest of the baby killers. Most of them were voted out after the betrayal in obama care. He" represents" a coal state while obama and the EPA are putting coal out of business. He owes his soul to the democrat party, and Satan"s servant in the white house.
His former friends are going to kill him when they catch up just like they have other muslims not keen to kill every non-muslim in the world. He is running for his life, let them have him, he is worth nothing to our country.
no up arrows so thanks and amen.
"Truly",, the Clintons are strangers to the truth.
Assad in Syria has a reliable friend in Putin, no one can count on obama except the golf courses and the democrat fund raising machine.
The pilots could face arrest and prosecution without a status of forces agreement to give them legal protection. Obama never tried to negotiate one because the koran says that no foreign military can be allowed in any muslim land. This was one of Bin Ladens demands that the Americans leave Saudi Arabia because of the koranic injunction. The only law that obama respects is shariah law.
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Prosecute the President

willis9 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 6:04 AM
The senate refuses to do its duty, And even after the next election they will still have enough democrats to block impeachment, but maybe not a special prosecutor to go after all obamas partners in crime and there are plenty beyond Lerner. i amnot a lawyer but i think it may be possible to charge and prosecute obama after he leaves office in criminal court.
Many of our students could not get through a real college. Many of the courses of instruction in our domestic schools are little more than tax sucking degree mills.
i think the Volt is one part S.S, one part postal service and one part taxpayer rectal service.
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Snow Job

willis9 Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 9:04 PM
Blaming the weather is a variation of the old baffle them with BS game.
If you are going to write about the author of the bill of rights, you should say who it was not just who it wasn't.
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