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Snow Job

willis9 Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 9:04 PM
Blaming the weather is a variation of the old baffle them with BS game.
If you are going to write about the author of the bill of rights, you should say who it was not just who it wasn't.
Jay Carney whispered in obamas ear, "Is that a potato in your pocket?"
This is a delusion caused by semen swallowing and dingle berry dining. Other symptoms are baby killing impulses, obsessive coveting of other peoples hard earned wealth, and a maniacal Dracula like hatred of the Christian cross. Non sequitur, yes but the is no rational explanation for these irrational behavior patterns
This is one of those election year time line deals. In 8 years obama will be out of office and all the batteries sold in 2008 will drop dead. The magic will be gone, but the billions cycled to crony capitalists will fund more democrat election campaigns. This is where the return on investment actually works.
Anyone that is not wildly gesticulating while screaming is dragging their knuckles on the ground while carrying a gun in one hand and a bible in the other in Deans eyes. Bipolar disorder redefined.
Would that they just keep walking.
The Moroccan gets 5 years and three years supervision???? Why is he not deported upon the completion of his prison time????
Did you not read the article? He is 82 years old and a commissioner not a beat cop. He does not wear a uniform. When you are 82 and have served your country and community for that many years you have earned the right give your honest opinion to anyone anywhere. Obama has earned nothing but the world contempt, and he sure did nothing to deserve that Nobel peace prize. No he did not kill bin Laden, He killed the navy seal team 6 that killed bin Laden by publicly identifying them after the fact.
This is the pattern or you might say paradigm for the destruction of our country. Flood the state with legal and illegal immigrants that give democrats uncontested control to promote socialism in every phase of life and death (abortion) by taxes, regulation, oppressive laws, corruption of the entire education system, and crony capitalism.
Yesterday it was reported that soldiers sent to recover the girls were ordered into an ambush. When the general in charge showed up after the battle, his own troops fired on him. here is a clue as to why. His name is General Mohammed. Now you can guess why the girls have no chance and are most likely no longer even in Nigeria. I wonder if the general will be rewarded with a couple of the girls for his entertainment and cooperation. No army with muslim generals will ever protect Christians. That includes ours. Yes, i am talking about our commander in chief.
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