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Forgetting the Meaning of Freedom

willis9 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 11:03 AM
There has been talk of a debate between Carson and Sharpton. If it takes place Carson, for telling the truth, could be charged with abusing the mentally handicapped.
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Are We Even Trying to Save the Kurds?

willis9 Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 9:27 PM
There are Kurdish minorities in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran. America is the only real friend they have in the world. Too bad that obama is our president.
The Kurds are actually proud of their pro-America position. It is one of gratitude for defending them before and after Saddam. They are the only muslim group i have any trust in. They have been persecuted by other Iraqis, Turkey, and the Iranians.
41% are wrong. He can still do more great damage to this country that he hates and promote the muslim religion in the time that he has left, all the while destroying Christian and Jewish lives. the deeper the hole he digs, the longer it will take for decent people to rebuild our shining city on the hill that has been a beacon of hope for the entire world for generations.
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What I Saw at the U.S.-Mexico Border

willis9 Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 8:03 PM
There is willful blindness and there are those that actually go to the border to see the mess for them selves.
We have known for years that he could have taken him out, he is just lying to cover his mistake by claiming many "civilians" would be killed in the process. Technically Bin Laden was a "civilian". Who defines "civilian" and who defines terrorist???? Who is counting the casualties? This is just the old clinton spin machine, like the definition of "is".
Republicans behave as though there were marquis of queensbary rules while the democrats are always dirty street fighters, eye gouging, crotch kicking, sand in your face and back biting. It is always also two against one because the media is in the fight on their side.
As usual when it comes to a vote, the democrats claiming to be pro-life to get elected fall into line with the rest of the baby killers. Most of them were voted out after the betrayal in obama care. He" represents" a coal state while obama and the EPA are putting coal out of business. He owes his soul to the democrat party, and Satan"s servant in the white house.
His former friends are going to kill him when they catch up just like they have other muslims not keen to kill every non-muslim in the world. He is running for his life, let them have him, he is worth nothing to our country.
no up arrows so thanks and amen.
"Truly",, the Clintons are strangers to the truth.
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