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Boston Bombing Case Parallels Toulouse Attacks

willis9 Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 7:25 PM
Every murdering muslim is praised in every mosque in the world as a soldier for allah. Note the heroes welcome that the Libyan plane bomber got when he was allowed to return. No one will ever be arrested and tried for the Benghazi slaughter by any muslim govt.

PARIS -- The details revealed so far in the Boston Marathon bombing case are strikingly similar to those of a high-profile case in France last year. Both exemplify the modus operandi of today's young jihadist.

Naturally, it all starts with an immersion in Islamic extremism. The North Caucasus region where the Boston suspects spent their childhood -- a region where there has been a great deal of separatist violence since the collapse of the Soviet Union -- ended up being dominated by a radical Saudi Islamic warlord, Ibn al-Khattab, who waged a relentless terrorist war against Russia until the FSB (a...