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Planned Parenthood and Prayers For Death

Willis8 Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 1:49 PM
Here's two facts - first of all, no government money pays for any abortions, they are supported strictly from donations. The other services they give, which don't have anything to do with ending pregnancies, are supported by tax money. Second, while some would consider abortion to be murder, many do not - and those who do are not forced to have an abortion (or even walk into planned parenthood) ever.

Planned Parenthood is known for many things, most prominent among them being death, the promotion of sexual promiscuity, a war on the nuclear family, and financial support of the homosexual agenda.

Not exactly the kinds of things your pastor asks you to pray for when you gather at church on Sunday mornings, huh?

Nevertheless, the leadership at Six Rivers Planned Parenthood in Eureka, Calif., has undertaken 40 days of “prayer” “for women for whom pregnancy is not good news” and for the abortionists who will kill many of the babies those women have been “punished” with carrying.

Done in conjunction...