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Willis6 Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 1:14 AM
World War Two was a declared war as specified by the Constitution. There has been no other clearly declared war since then, though for some there have at least been "resolutions" of some sort. For a President to send Americans out to kill people in other countries without some form of declaration or authorization by our legislature violates the Constitution both in practice and in spirit. I think the Founders would be appalled. No President should have the unilateral power of life or death over anyone without due process. If it's war, then call it a war and get the Congressional buffoons off their behinds and let them take a principled stand on something. I guess this is the 0.1% of the time I humbly disagree with Dr. Sowell.
Chestertonfan Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 6:34 AM
Like they did in the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq. Full congressional support.

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

I can't get excited by the question of whether Senator Robert Menendez had sex with a prostitute in Central America. It is her word against his -- and when it comes to a prostitute's word against a politician's word, that is too close to call.

If an American citizen went off to join Hitler's army during World War II, would there have been any question that this alone would make it legal to kill him? Why then is there an uproar about killing an American citizen who has joined terrorist organizations that...