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AG vows thorough review in Trayvon Martin case

willieG Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 9:28 PM
And NOT A SINGLE WORD about the multiple Felonies Committed by the OBAMA/DNC/CBC funded and supported attack dogs, "the New Black Panther Party". . . . NOT a single warrant nor ARREST for the "NBPP" for illegally 1) soliciting a felony for hire, 2) soliciting kidnapping for hire, 3) soliciting murder for hire (all pertaining to the "Bounty" on the head of George Zimmerman). . . 4) Conspiracy to incite to riot, 5) conspiracy to commit mass murder, 6) issuing terroristic threats. . .(all related to a recorded and much publicised conference call among the Black Panthers in Orlando, Tampa, and Sanford florida. PROVING BEYOND ANY LEGAL DOUBT, THE COMPLICITY OF ERIC HOLDER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, THE...

Trayvon Martin's parents renewed their calls for calm Wednesday as a law enforcement official in Florida said that charges would be filed against neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in their son's shooting death.

The charges were expected to be announced later in the day and the arrest of Zimmerman, who has said he shot in self-defense, also was expected soon, according to the official. He spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to publicly release the information.

Reports of the impending charges and arrest were trickling out of Florida as Martin's parents held a previously scheduled news...

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