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Well, I guess the President has a point. I'm a hard core conservative and I think we spend way too much on drugs for old people. Let them die if they can't afford it. What do I care. And let's start wars where we can kill 20 year olds while racking up big debt. I'm pretty ticked off at Bush. Obama has gotten us out of 1 war and another coming to an end. Gotta give him credit.
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Oil holds near 2012 low

williboy Wrote: May 26, 2012 6:45 PM
Well, I guess we have to give the President credit. If the rise in price was his fault, then the decline is his responsibility, too. Unless I'm missing something. My fellow Republica's wouldn't bull me would they?
That was hysterical. Thank you, Mr. President for the humor and total class you show at all your events. God Bless the President!
Thank you, Mr. President for being such a gracious host as you have been to so many.
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