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Our Disenfranchised Troops Deserve Better

After "Hope and Change was a huge (?) success, I can hardly wait for the "Best is yet to Come". For example emasculating our fine military is something we can look froward to. No more drilling on public lands. Forget Keystone. WOW! Exciting times are ahead.

The next president of the United States must do right by our men and women in uniform. Our troops put their lives on the line to protect our right to vote, but untold thousands of them were unable to cast their own ballots on Tuesday. For shame.

Veterans groups and soldiers advocates have warned about military disenfranchisement for years. M. Eric Eversole, director of the Military Voter Protection (MVP) Project and a former litigation attorney in the Voting Section of the U.S. Department of Justice, reported that "more than 17,000 military and overseas voters were disenfranchised in 2008 because their...