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If the Judge doesn't determine that this is a frivolous lawsuit and throw throw it out, there ain't no justice. Furthermore the ambulance chaser should be sanctioned and assessed a substantial fine for filing it. De ole Korean War vet (age 84)
Troll H.....Has our darlin' Lois flown the coop?
Lois darlin'! If Broom Hilda, God help us, becomes our fearless leader and her predator husband starts roaming the West Wing looking for fresh young female interns to hit on, are you going to encourage you daughter or grand daughter to seek employment there? Just curious darlin'.
Amy! When I was posting on Town Hall, I vaguely remember you saying your daughter was suffering from PTSD. Are you familiar with Dave Roever? He is a 'Nam vet who has a ministry for vets suffering from PTSD and other debilitating injuries. Suffering Vets can attend a weekly all expenses paid session. His facility is Eagles Summit Ranch here in Southern Colorado. Here is a link that explains his program. De ole Korean War vet (age 84) Email Hollar back if you are interested.
Rowdy! Is your former handle Rowdy boots? If so do you still have that still? :-)
My memory is slowly fading. I was in Korea in 1954 and although we didn't involve our troops, we did furnish Douglas A 26's to the French. They literally flew the wings off the planes fighting the Commies. They were returned after the French quit and they were in terrible condition. De ole Korean war vet (age 84).
Tinsldr! Check this link when you get a chance. I think it may tell a little different story about military retirement. Thanks
I read on another web site that this budget deal really shafts military retirees by reducing their retirements and benefits. Bummer! Anyone else see that? De ole Korean War vet (age 84)
Well stated TX... 'oohrah! De ole Korean War vet (83+)
I’m beginning to think Justice Roberts had an ulterior motive when he made his ruling on Obamacare. Is it possible that he saw that it had the potential of collapsing inward which would lead to the demise of the Democratic Party? Perhaps we may have been too quick to judge him since he may have done the Repubs a great favor.
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