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I’m beginning to think Justice Roberts had an ulterior motive when he made his ruling on Obamacare. Is it possible that he saw that it had the potential of collapsing inward which would lead to the demise of the Democratic Party? Perhaps we may have been too quick to judge him since he may have done the Repubs a great favor.
DD! I just had a wild hair. I'm beginning to think that Justice Roberts knew that he was sowing the seeds for the ultimate collapse of Obamacare in on itself because of it's complexity. This will be the Dems waterloo. What say you?
And he headed for the golf course.
Happy Veterans' Day to all who "took the oath" and to those patriotic Americans who love our country and support our service men and women. De ole Korean War vet (age 83+)
JW! Did she "ring your bell? Boo Hoo!
Sonny! Do you have a link for the Lois Lerner trip to the barbed wire hotel?
jwag... You are beating a dead horse. Since does the right to life depend on whose going be there after the the child is born?
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