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Docky.... HA HA HA! Lawyer Calhoun (Algonquin) was the King Fish's attorney wasn't he? A real stumble bum. You are dating yourself Docky. De ole Korean War vet(age 84+) 'oohrah!!!!
Hey George..... Sorry to be off topic. Has Harrisburg dug itself out of the financial hole it's been in?
More on the "Gang of 4". One of their first endeavors was the defeat of Marilyn Musgrave, a conservative Republican Congresswoman from Colorado's 4th Congressional district. Their candidate was Betsy Markey who served only one term. Markey is running for CO state treasurer this election cycle and I don't know if the "Gang of 4" is supporting her. De ole Korean War vet (age 84+)
I did a little googling and came up with the Denver Post Link that identifies the "Gang of 4": De ole Korean War vet (age 84+)
Gene! Do you remember that @zzhole Bart Stupak from Michigan? He let himself be snookered by the occupant of 1600 PA Avenue with phony promises. De ole Korean War vet (age 84)
svirk2! Are you being sarcastic! If not you are spouting pure Unadulterated bullsh!!!!!t.
Sage! Ah ain't heard "CoonAssses" since Ah left Barksdale AFB in Dec, 1955.
Neal! Fay farm? Do dat mean what ah thinks it means?
If the Judge doesn't determine that this is a frivolous lawsuit and throw throw it out, there ain't no justice. Furthermore the ambulance chaser should be sanctioned and assessed a substantial fine for filing it. De ole Korean War vet (age 84)
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