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anony... You hit the nail on the head. CO also has legal pot. Ugg! de ole Korean War vet (age 85)
Thanks a bunch Major! Family doing well. Just turned 85 last month. Hope things are well with you and your family. I lurk a lot on TH these days.
Florida.... If my memory serves me right, Barbara Olson was killed in the 9/11 plane crash at the Pentagon.
Well said Zoomie! We got a bunch of Chicago Mafia @zzwholes making decisions that are counter to any sound military strategy. Ugg! Absolutely pure stupidity. De ole Korean War vet (age 85)
Hey Ghost! Sorry to be off topic. I wonder what has happened to the Loootenant Kernal from Scranton, PA. He kinda disappeared.
Apples and oranges LO darlin'!
Darby.. Don't confuse Lo with the facts. De ole Korean War vet (Age 84+)
Don't bet on it after.... De ole Korean War vet (age 84+)
RR! Hick ain't right for Colorado either. He gotta go. De ole Korean War vet (age 84+)
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