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Hmmm! Where is PETA? The US Fish & Wildlife Service? (USF&WS) The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is being violated and nary a peep. The USF&WS shut off the water from farmers in Central CA for a small fish. The honorable? Ken Salazar was the culprit. De ole Korean War Vet (age 85)
Yo Dave! The solution is resolved. Harf says all they need is jobs. De ole Korean War vet (age 85)
I'm with you RG. I took it when I enlisted in the Air Force.
I moved from the DC metropolitan in early 1972. In the years proceeding the district leadership consisted of 3 commissioners, one of which was a high ranking Army engineer. The whole time I lived there, the residents constantly whined for home rule. Congress eventually caved in and allowed the residents to organize. During the first year of the new government, none of the residents received a water bill; hence no revenue. Then Marion Barry came on the scene and you remember his corrupted "leadership" as mayor (twice). It appears there is still wide spread corruption existing today and the residents are now whining about becoming a state. Our nation's capital is a joke. De ole Korean War vet (age 85)
Thanks Mt Gal. You made my day. De ole Korean War vet (age 85)
Hey Doc! You nailed zero. Wet paper bag made of toilet paper? HA HAH AH HA! de ole Korean War vet (age 85 years)
Thank you for your service Frank. 'oohrah!
Well stated Denn... De ole Korean War vet (age 85)
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