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I think she meant she "knew" him in the Biblical sense, and when Bill found out, he didn't take it as kindly as she took his fooling around. He had Vince killed, in the White House, the White House log has Vince logging in, but not logging out. Like Hotel California, he could never leave...alive. The rest was a bungled attempt to make his death look like a suicide, something that could only succeed because it was backed by the White House, and the sympathetic, even then, MSM. The corruption in our govt is not knew. The Leftist version of it has been with us since the coup d'etat that was the JFK assasination, at least. Today's coup d'etat, that put a foreign national in the Presidency, is more subtle, and, on the surface, bloodless, but no less real. Putting Hillary in the Presidency, would just be putting another tyrant on the throne, while seeming to assure the useful idiots, that all is well.
Everyone should realize that Lerner is not just protecting herself by taking the Fifth. She is protecting her superiors, and their superiors, right up the chain of command to the top boss, Obama. Mr Cummings is only interested in shutting the investigation down, because he too, does not want the issue traced to the White House. As he says, no information has been found implicating the White House, because, as usual, the White House has done all it can to cover up it's role, and to stonewall any investigation into it's activities, using the power of the Presidential Office.
Liberals used to be not that much different from Conservatives, but, they've been infiltrated, and taken over by Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Progressives, just as the Democratic Party, and the Republican leadership have. We now have a country of patriots, led by those who would destroy them,and all the patriots can do, so far, is talk about it, because most of them STILL, do not recognize the true situation, and the only real solution. The same one the Founders had to resort to. Because they are afraid?
And if you want to fundamentally transform a country, to the point it is unrecognizable, or even, non-functional, you do what Obama, and the Democrats are doing. They are hoping that when their transformation is complete, the country will never be able to go back to what it was. For example, the Soviet Union was never any better than the country of the Czars that came before it. If anything, it was worse. The revolution that broke up the Soviet Union, tried to replace it with Democratic Democracy, but, the submissiveness that has been bread into the Russian peoples, and the attendant corruption that goes with it, have allowed the Communists to gradually re-establish the mechanisms of the Soviet Union, until Russia is a Communist totalitarian state, in all but name, once again. The Obama led Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Progressives, are doing the same thing to the US, using the same gradualistic methods. And all we can do, is talk about how well it is working, for them.
He talks like a Republican. Why not elect a real Republican, Alaska, which could help give Republicans a majority in the Senate, to break the stonewall Harry Reid, and his Democrats, have erected between them and the Republican House, to prevent almost all legislative progress? And, which would give a Republican Congress the strength to confront the corruption, and the law breaking, by the administration, and Obama?
It's no wonder Harry Reid doesn't want his staff to have Obamacare, and he doesn't want it for himself either. Let the Peole eat cake, eh?
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Hail to The Panderer in Chief

William R2 Wrote: Nov 28, 2013 8:33 AM
If the things Obama wanted to do were good things, (Call them "things" to avoid ideology) he wouldn't have to lie about them. History has demonstrated the failings of Marxism/Communism/Socialism/Progressivism, wherever it's been tried. It has those many names, because each name became so loaded with negatives, they had to change it. So, they have to deceive us, because forcing it on us, is very hard to do. Obama even has to hide his true identity. He's the first President with aliases. Barry Soetoro, or Barry Soebarko, to name a couple, who felt he had to seal his college records. Would his grades put the lie to his claims to being a genius? Or is there more damaging information in them, such as his receiving financial aid as a foreign student? As he said himself "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth, are those with something to hide." And he's hiding more than just his ideologies.
The "they" that "converted" the penalty to a tax, was Justice Roberts, only. Since neither the Supreme Court, or Justice Roberts, can write, or re-write, tax laws, as you know, only the House can originate tax laws, Roberts could not re-write the penalty, or the "fine", as you refer to it, into a tax. Therefore, Roberts' ruling was unconstitutional, and did not make the law Constitutional. Roberts should have ruled the law unconstitutional, which he actually did, finding the penalty unconstitutional, which he tried to fix by redifining it as a tax, because he knew Congress could not re-write it, and repass it. And, he didn't want the court to overturn it. Obamacare is an unconstitutional mess, from conception to passage.
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5 Ways Liberalism Destroyed Detroit

William R2 Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 5:32 PM
Why would even illegal immigrants come to Detroit? There are no jobs, and taxes are sky high. The only reason there are 700,000+ left in Detroit, is they are the poorest, with no money to move with. Or they are the only ones with jobs, the government employees, and those elitist Leftists that run the government, and have what money is left in Detroit. The Polish, Slovak, Italian, and other ethnic, LEGAL immigrants that came to Detroit, came for the labor intensive jobs the auto industry offered, at the time, before automation replaced most of the labor.
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The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President

William R2 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 7:19 AM
Consider Malkin's article alongside the evidence that the attack in Benghazi may have been a planned kidnapping that the administration arrainged with the Islamists, that went wrong. Security was deliberately weakened, and it was arrainged for Stevens to be in Benghazi that night, so he could be kidnapped, and exchanged for the Blind Sheik. Stevens blew the plan, he wasn't in on it, by making to to the safe room, and dying from smoke inhalation. Then the two CIA ex-SEALS showed up, and killed scores of the attackers, making it look like Obama had betrayed them. Now they want Obama to release the Sheik to make up for what went wrong. He will probably do it, too, it's just a matter of when.
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