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The Best Presidential Debate Performance

William Gensert Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 8:16 AM
Until Election Day, the media will be going all-out for Obama. The fallacy of the all-successful, omnipotent Barack the Inevitable cannot be let go of. But collectively, November 7 will be a "walk of shame" for the media, when in the light of day they are forced to parade in front of the American public, stockings askew, lipstick smeared, and hair in disarray, and admit they have been in bed with Obama from the very beginning. Still, they will not change, because the adoration of Barack is not the disease -- it's a symptom. The disease is progressivism and it is terminal. Read more of my article:
It's impossible to overstate the effect that Mitt Romney's performance in the first presidential debate has had on conservatives and Republicans. The past four years have been a torment as we've watched a committed left-wing activist grease the skids for America's decline into a socialist state. Our TV screens have featured images of violent protests in Greece, Italy and Spain as their socialist paper boats capsize.

Yet the Obama Administration's resolute march into that dead end has proceeded apace. There was a brief bloom of hope that the Supreme Court would save the country from the worst time bomb of...