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“Homeland” Under Attack

William Gensert Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 12:48 PM
I am a Homeland fan as well -- despite throwing up in my mouth when I heard it was Barack Obama's favorite show. In the end it is just a story, and I like stories, especially ones that are well done. Funny thing though, I didn't hear anyone complain when in an episode the Vice President was assassinated and it was treated as a good thing.
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Badge Me!

William Gensert Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 6:18 AM
Mr. Goldman, I enjoyed that, especially the part about your mother sewing merit badges on your GS sash and the problems that caused at you BS meetings. As a long time business owner and manager, I understand that the employee/management dynamic is more than just a contract where someone is paid an agreed upon something to do something that contributes something, however obliquely, to the business bottom line. It is also a relationship, and like most relationships there is always the prospect of a rut over the horizon. Anything that helps an employee stay motivated, especially today where it has become increasingly rare that a job well done is motivation enough, even if it is a virtual "merit badge," is something I support.
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Sisters of Mercy

William Gensert Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 5:59 AM
I live behind a convent where about a dozen Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal reside. Those nuns definitely have salvation on their agenda.
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Keep Ebola Out of America

William Gensert Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 8:02 AM
Dr. Carson this nation needs you, a rational voice amongst the insanity and lies. As a candidate for president, your best quality will be your lack of fear. You are not afraid of Barack Obama, and that is the major requirement for 2016, because you will have to run against him, even though he won't be on the ticket.
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Ten at Fifty

William Gensert Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 9:50 AM
Dr. Adams, I've been reading you on and off for years on Townhall with mixed emotions. The last couple of months though, I have to say, I have truly enjoyed your articles. Looking at your biography, I note that, like my father (at Loyola University), you are a professor of criminology. He has been dead for more than 50 years and that connection alone will keep me reading. This was a great article. I seems that today people have lost the ability to say "thank you." You did it well.
Iran has always been America's greatest threat, at least since 1979. But Barry is suckling at the breast of Valerie Jarrett. I think he actually wants Iran to have a nuclear weapon. It would serve America right in his mind. Oh, may I tell you how I'm making $200 an hour working online? Just kidding...
I don't know why ISIS is not afraid of Barack Obama -- Americans are terrified of the man.
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It's Better Now

William Gensert Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 6:45 AM
Mr. Stossel, you make many valid points, but crime is actually up -- on a year-to-year basis -- here in New York, as well as other major metropolitan areas. It may be too early to call it a trend, but it feels like one. People are also worse off today than the were before we accepted Obama as our true savior -- real incomes and net worth are both down for the average family. I don't know about you, but the price of gasoline has doubled and food prices are close to having done the same. On a personal note, my girlfriend works two part-time jobs as does her son. Heck it's only 12 hours a day for a 55-year-old woman, without healthcare, no sick days and no vacation time, but with Obamacare, which even with the subsidies, she can't afford, she can always go to the supermarket and watch people with full healthcare drive up in new cars and pay for their groceries with EBT cards, while complaining that America is "downright mean." Please, Barry is in the process of burning down the world and finally people are noticing -- and they're right to notice. Things truly are worse off.
Don't forget Ebola and the rise in infectious disease due to Obama's open border policy. It may not be entirely fair to blame all this on him, but when did he ever play fair? The payback is so richly deserved.
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Is It Ever OK To Spank?

William Gensert Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 8:00 AM
Ms. Charen, I'm a big fan, been reading you for a while, how's the cello lessons going? My son's mother left when he was a baby and I raised him by myself, back when a man with a baby was unheard of. My situation was different from yours and I understand the point you made about the child seeking attention, but sometimes there is a need for behavior modification and spanking can be one of the options for accomplishing that. As far as Adrian Peterson is concerned, there is never a need to strip a child naked and there is never a need to use a tool (the switch). The object is to instill fear, never to mark or wound. I loved (love) my son with every ounce of my heart and I wanted to teach him how to be a good human being, which today, he certainly is. An occasional spank, I think helped him be the man he is. Was there a better way? Perhaps, but I didn't know it at the time, and since I admire the man he became, I probably would not do anything different.
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The Global Map, 2017

William Gensert Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 1:10 PM
Millions will die for Barack Obama's vanity.
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