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Mr. Kass, I am a recent convert and now try to read any article I see with your byline. I also read Lebron James' essay about his reasons for coming home. It was excellent. But, you can't really get the whole picture until you read Kareem Abdul Jabbar's piece Why Lebron Can't Go Home Again -- another excellent article. Mr. Kass, I expect good writing from you, but I didn't expect it from James (too bad it's probably a one off) and I didn't expect it from Jabbar. I'm going to follow Jabbar as well. I like what he has to say.
"[I]t would be nice for something to be done to make my daily commute less of a hassle." Isn't this the problem? We have come to expect government to eliminate every inconvenience, regardless of cost. Why can't they triple service so there is a train every 4 minutes? Hey...why can't they just send a car for you. Let me would be nice if I didn't get hit by that truck in 2008. Can anything be done about that? I don't get it, even conservatives expect public answers to private inconveniences. When I was working downtown and the train took over an hour to get me to One Penn Plaza, I weighed the options and drove my car into Manhattan.
This is sleight of hand like the "War on Women." Progressives don't want Americans to see the mess Baraok Obama has made and they think if they can galvanize the low information voter about a side issue they can get past the midterm elections in November.
Mr. Giles, I try to read you when I can and I am a big Gary Oldman fan, I read his interview. But... He has been nominated multiple times, but, at least according to him in the interview, he did no win an Oscar.
Mr. Shapiro, I have been trying to write my own article about the value of fatherhood for many years, with out success. As a fatherless child, I write it in my head continuously, but never seem to put it on paper. It's perhaps too painful. Raising my son has always been the greatest accomplishment of my life. Many people do not understand the power of being a father, but rest assured, I cry with you.
Democrats have always been willing to lose a war to win an election. Everything Obama has done with respect to Iraq and Afghanistan has always been about winning the next election.
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An Inspiration for Fathers Day

William Gensert Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 6:48 AM
My son was driving when he was...I'm not even sure, probably not much more than 2-years old. He continued to do so for as long as he was small enough to sit on my lap. I grew up without a father. I was determined he would not do the same, so when my wife wanted to leave, I sold my businesses and let her go -- but I kept the baby. I was blessed with the opportunity to spend his entire childhood with him and I have always told people that we grew up together. Raising him has always been the greatest accomplishment of my life.
Education by internet is going to change the landscape dramatically. Brick and mortar institutions with expensive tuition will be forced to compete. "Change or die" will become the order of the day.
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Petty Annoyances

William Gensert Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 8:47 AM
It's not that their intelligent, they're brains are simply faster. Oh, and I've been a guilty user of "o" all my life. I had a slightly 0CD girlfriend who it would drive crazy. She was beautiful so I let it go. No vitriol please, I'm just trying to make a funny.
Everything Barack Obama does is in service of his own vanity. This new raft of EPA regulations is no different. Barry wants a legacy, and killing King Coal would certainly allow him to brag that he made a difference.
The difference between Barack Obama and God is that God doesn't think he is Barack Obama.
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