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Excellent observation !!
Her legacy is forever tainted, well, destroyed by her ineptitude to judge the enemy world. We do not live in a "moral" world. It would be like telling asteroids not to strike earth because moral Feinstein lives here. The Universal functioning of matter and living tissue, is survival, chemical and physical reactions of molecular structures. Feinstein's molecules have just imploded into a black hole, where neither light nor matter can escape....especially thoughts...
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Ferguson—Michael Brown Got Justice

William D5 Wrote: Nov 22, 2014 3:47 PM
Best summary of Ferguson situation. So well expressed with such clarity that it belongs in the mass media.
Key words lockout. Go figure, censorship
The selling of mortgages by banks of all sizes across the U.S. to institutions that "securitize" the mortgages into Bonds/Notes, for sale to banks around the World, caused the "crisis". The underlying theme of the initial sales was unqualified buyers, greedy sales people of greedy banks. Quick local bank profits, followed by the securitized bond sellers greed, brought down the financial system. A very SIMPLE process that was allowed by the Federal Government. The mechanism of selling the mortgage sale to another institution must stop. The responsibility for the problem mortgage is passed on to a "cloud", to use current lingo, of ambiguity. Local control and responsibility toward the mortgage borrower is powerful "regulation" unto itself. Part One
detailed comment "locked out" What's UP
New Jersey ? ! !?? No wonder: Governor Chris Christy sets the tone there. Lady from Pennsylvania with pistol permit gets arrested in NJ, possible jail time of several years. Even the Six Flags is corrupt ! T-shirt violation.....no arrest on private property, but he should watch himself on public Jersey lands....Behavior Police on duty at Six Flogs...excuse me.....Six FLAGS....CERTAINLY NOT AMERICAN FLAGS ! !
Forty years ago such political activity would have been deemed "subversive" and un American, besides unconstitutional. Stupid socialism and deprave negligence toward the constitution are an everyday occurrence today. American society is truly going to a NEW HELL. American Dream ? American Exceptionalism ? Really, how can anyone swallow that propaganda.
Ask Katie Couric what the Obama "Doctrine" is......please....
Dems not participating only confirms their cover up, as they try to sabotage the investigation effort. New information is spearheading this effort, and it has nothing to do with previous so-called committees that were only window dressing. Not closing the consulate/facility since UK and Red Cross shut down, and not increasing security, gave rise to "negligent manslaughter" in the direct result of deaths.
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