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Evan cowboys have to take off their hats while working inside, serving the public. Snake worshipers have to leave their snakes at church or home. Walk in with your religious snake and serve the public.....enough idiocy
These garments are not religious items, only cultural mandates. They can practice their religion at the mosque.
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Will Brian Williams Lose His Job?

William D5 Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 9:19 PM
The really important part is that he reported the matter factually when it occurred. Our Chief in the WH lies consistently from the start, as does the Top Cop, Adjudicator in Charge of Ignoring the Constitution. How many sales people do you really know? They inflate the "facts" all the time; the NSA chief conflated before Congress, Lerner Taxer On the Run conflated before Congress. Liars abound, much more serious, and with consequences against society. Williams, misguided exaggerations that got out of hand, but really, harmless. How many of you out there tell the "truth" all the time? and to your spouse? on your tax return? at work? those days off? Come on. It is in the DNA to "conflate" So easy to blow out of proportion such really minor exaggerations. Fire him, never. He will suffer enough from this, and it is doubtful he will do so conflate in the future.
Censoring comments criticizing writer and TH.
Best concise statement of the truth ever printed. I will send it on to share the enlightenment. Thank you for your clarity of mind and powers of truthful observation.
Excellent observation !!
Her legacy is forever tainted, well, destroyed by her ineptitude to judge the enemy world. We do not live in a "moral" world. It would be like telling asteroids not to strike earth because moral Feinstein lives here. The Universal functioning of matter and living tissue, is survival, chemical and physical reactions of molecular structures. Feinstein's molecules have just imploded into a black hole, where neither light nor matter can escape....especially thoughts...
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Ferguson—Michael Brown Got Justice

William D5 Wrote: Nov 22, 2014 3:47 PM
Best summary of Ferguson situation. So well expressed with such clarity that it belongs in the mass media.
Key words lockout. Go figure, censorship
The selling of mortgages by banks of all sizes across the U.S. to institutions that "securitize" the mortgages into Bonds/Notes, for sale to banks around the World, caused the "crisis". The underlying theme of the initial sales was unqualified buyers, greedy sales people of greedy banks. Quick local bank profits, followed by the securitized bond sellers greed, brought down the financial system. A very SIMPLE process that was allowed by the Federal Government. The mechanism of selling the mortgage sale to another institution must stop. The responsibility for the problem mortgage is passed on to a "cloud", to use current lingo, of ambiguity. Local control and responsibility toward the mortgage borrower is powerful "regulation" unto itself. Part One
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