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Their salaries and bribes are paid by the George Soros foundations, so they don't have to worry about actually selling their products.
Don't use stinkweed either.
Obumhole is going to Cuba to learn about their socialized medicine system, to find out who gets care down there and who doesn't, and how the mental health department helps to week out dissidents.
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Are Christians and Muslims the Same?

William981 Wrote: Jan 13, 2015 12:48 PM
Thanks for this article that pulls no punches from either Islamic jihadists nor their mindless Progressive/liberal supporters and apologists in the west. The article displays the most fundamental nuggets of truth concerning both camps. Islamic supporters here in the USA are only a faint shade less guilty than the islamic jihadists and should be showcases along with their shameless guilt.
The Oval Office is a bad place to have to get on-the-job-training to learn what the president is supposed to be doing. But it is happening with this president.
We should at this very time go in and eradicate all of the no-go Islamic strongholds here in the USA and re-institute American civil law and forbid the practice of Sharia in any degree, as they do in Japan and other countries. Muslims have no right, nor can they justify, staking out any part of an American city and claiming it is their own to do as they please, abrogating our laws and Constitutional authority by substituting their own incompatible laws and culture. It is simply wrong and must be stopped now. France and other European countries where this has been done should do the same to eradicate Islamic supremacy.
Radical muslims, moderate muslims, "corrupted form of Islam"---it makes no difference how you want to differentiate those who practice Islam. ISLAM SPAWNS ALL OF THE ISLAMIST JIHADIST TERRORISM. All of it comes from the teachings of their terroristic prophet Mohammad. From where else could it come? It comes from the promise that Islam will someday overtake the entire world with a "caliphate" which would rule every human absolutely with Sharia law, and reward its martyrs with an eternal heaven with debauchery, gluttony and sadistic enjoyment of God punishing the infidels. Therefore, Islam itself is a corruption of human aspirations for freedom and dignity that the real God of Life, Love, Truth and Justice has provided for all humanity. Islam is a corruption of God's love and creation of man with his spirit. Islam is simply wrong for humanity.
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Oh, You Wacky Islamofascists!!!

William981 Wrote: Jan 11, 2015 12:51 PM
When have Christians or Jews ever went on a jihad to kill any other people, or used suicide buffs to go into shopping malls, restaurants or any crowded place to blow up dozens of innocent people? The only religion I know of who have ever done that were the muslims. Please don't bring up the crusades as those were efforts to get the muslims rooted out of Jerusalem after they took over the holy city in an effort to destroy Christian and Jewish assets. You need to speak from an intelligent informed position before mouthing off with untrue generalities.
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URGENT: It's Not Islam

William981 Wrote: Jan 10, 2015 10:15 PM
Though the Arabs invented algebra, it had nothing to do with Islam or being a muslim. An Arab did it anyway, in spite of the depressing nature of Islam. I do not know if the inventor was a muslim or not, but the question is irrelevent.
He should be impeached or arrested.
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