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Government at Any Cost

William748 Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 9:54 AM
Tell that to Amory Lovins in Colorado. He's using 1980's solar for his house and business-and is completely off the grid. Tell that to the guy here in Loudon county Va who put 1990's solar on his house and garage and only pays less than $10 a month to his utility for 15 years. Ms Noon is a shill for big energy companies and she will say anything to advance their interests. She probably won't lie, but you won't get the whole truth. The root word of conservative is conserve. Why are so many Republicans opposed to that? We SHOULD be fracking for natural gas. We shouldn't be closing nuclear power plants-just finding a way to deal with the small amount waste that can't be recycled. And we shouldn't be opposed to alternative energy,

Last week, anything that wasn’t “Obamacare” didn’t get much news coverage. With that in mind, one has to wonder why “36 citizen organizations with more than 1.1 million combined members” chose June 27 to release the results of a skewed survey and introduce their nine-point plan toward a “truly renewable, sustainable energy standard.”

Perhaps they realized the folly of their effort, but had to do the press release to show their donors what they’d done, while having virtually no impact. Maybe they wanted it buried—in which case, I am happy to expose it. Americans need to see what these “groups”...