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How come Dan Mitchell never mentions one of the principle reasons the Postal Service loses money? That would be that Congress mandates that businesses and non-profits get to send their mail for less than it costs the P. S. to deliver it(you know, "junk mail"). And the "private lanes" around the beltway? They were built with private money (so we're told), but if they don't make enough money (and they're not) the Va. taxpayers have to pony up. Crony capitalism at its best!
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Earmarks and Ezra to the Rescue

William748 Wrote: Oct 13, 2013 9:23 AM
This is why I stopped subscribing to the Washington Post(also, they cheated me three times on my subscription).
The principal reason the USPS is losing money is because the congress mandates that they carry third-class and non-profit at a loss. The congress is supposed to make up the difference-they never do. The Heritage Foundation is aware of this-it just doesn't fit their agenda to report that.
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