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I still hear Ronald Reagan. The knock on the door. "I'm from the Government, I'm here to help". It has been the frontal assault on freedom by government that 1) has made education so expensive 2) regulated out good paying productive jobs 3) regulated interest rates and repayment on student loans 4) encouraged heavy borrowing for nearly worthless degrees. 5) educated or indoctrinated children that physical hard work is demeaning 6) regulated manufacturing and energy production out of America . And on and on. The worst part is the unelected government workers hold sway over our freedom to work.
How bout Hilliary? Kind of a triple dead heat.
Mebe a pound of flesh, best guess.
Blind faith in incompetence. What leadership our nation suffers under during this POSPOTUS. History will not treat the with the same suffering.
Clarify, revise, expand..........the lie.
What a fine example of Obama's kindred spirit. Did he not resign under fire for his affiliations with the communist party?
With Obama it is exactly the same. Political theater. Lies, obfuscation, coverup, propaganda, evil character assassination, blah, blah. They are evil, toxic, and quite plastic if you are not mesmerized by the shtick. It is well worn with me. In fact it wore out a few administrations ago.
The Marxist professors regimate the future teachers to accept the Marxist doctrine. The Marxist has no tolerance for opposing positions, regardless of evidence of their validity. See the Democratic Party.
Let's see, because they are inward thinking idiots? Best guess.
The left doesn't want no stinking Constitution. Too restrictive, dontcha know.
That's how nincompoops operate.
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