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Psssst Harry, the Earth is not flat, and the Sun does not revolve around it. No sh!t.
Who died and made Azzz clown Alan Colmes relavant? He should wear a short skirt and carry Pom poms.
There is majorly no distinction between the parties. Both want power, both are corrupted by that power. A distinction without difference.
Simply eliminate withholding. Make each individual send in their tax by check. That would go a long way to trim the the spending.
Looks like proper spelling and grammar are not required.
The great college knowledge myth. The profs and admin are "educated" beyond their intelligence.
I know this will cause a flap, but I can remember my grand father ( a WWI veteran) telling me that mistakes made by his generation would doom my generation. They were Constitutional Ammendments 17, 18, and 19.
Make sure he is fully versed on which end spits fire.
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