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And their supporters with them!
Well nice to know all us compliant taxpayer will pitch in to provide an outrageous pension to a complete idiot.
The football analogies sort of work. But they fail to illuminate what is at stake. This is war. We are the majority constituency, for the time being. But as we give up or lose fights on varying fronts we lose soldier/voters. When we have principled voter/soldiers unwilling to support loser candidates we lose. The Republican Party divide our majority by fighting the conservative movement. Soon, the staus quo Republicans will cease to be relevant. We have lost much ground, we have become desensitized and muted by the moral decline and political correctness. Until we have a coherent strategy to defeat these we will steadily lose our freedom and rights.
But it did mark a snatch. LIAR!
Mad! We have cows that are rabidly mad. Then we have steers and bull$hitters that are running with hoof and mouth. Insanity among the delusional leaders. They are telling us what is what? You can't have this pervasive insanity and remain unchanged by the insanity. These are insane educated far beyond their intellect and ruining the greatest nation mankind has ever known. Sad and nuts.
Absolutely. He may require a wrap around sport coat to effect that.
The progs hate America! When I was a child, we were #1in the world in math, chemistry, physics. The federal government was not involved. Recalcitrant kid were paddled, and expelled. This nonsense has us down around 47th or lower in the world. Fat, dumb and arrogant. How do we get out of this sewer called the department of education?
So mob rule works for ya. Whatever can make ya laugh can make ya cry.
Sob, sob. Sorry. Got racist?
Maybe you should "derp" your lovely derp senate majority.
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