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Karl Rove, John McCain, give me a break.
Earth to CNN, hard to communicate with species that talk out of their rectums. Find spokesmen with no poopy breath.
Really? Do white people get preferred enrollment in any colleges? Are there any white colleges? Is there a white Congressional Caucus? Is there a White Police Association? Is there a National Association for Advancement of White People? Are there any preferences made for White people in hiring, or any other things? Do white people have their own music? Racists of any stripe make me sick. Go troll elsewhere.
Why does this misguided racist have professorial status?
We will never regain any of that America. We have millions of entitlement mentality voters. We have millions of illegal immigrants accustomed to worse tyranny. And we teach our children to love soft tyranny. Can you spell. O V E R
Hmmmm. We conspiracy buffs do have interesting plots. Maybe Hamas provided the logistical help to send some biologically infected suicide bombers?
Wow, that is more money than my high school class and all their offspring for a milinnia will pay. How did it happen? How many of our representatives and slovenly bureaucrats got a piece of the action! Will anyone do a perp walk?
You need to pull your head out of your rectum.
Tsk tsk, no more foreplay for you S&Ms
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