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Sequester, Bigfoot, Unicorns and Other Horror Stories Politicians Tell

william704 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 1:52 PM
the election was not lost due to dishonesty by the demonrats. it was lost due to the 4-5 million registered REPULICANS who did NOT vote . had they voted the LYING MUSLIM would not be in office!!!
In the classic movie “History of the World Part 1,” Mel Brooks famously said, “It’s good to be the king!” He was playing King Louis XVI, the French monarch who eventually lost his head over his excesses while the people suffered. Democrats enjoy acting like they are the peasants in the modern-day version of that struggle, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although they may talk a good game, “Let them eat cake” is their mantra … only, since they seek to control everything we do, including what we eat, it’s sugar-free carrot cake.

Corruption starts at the...