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Family’s Home Raided over Facebook Photo of Child’s Rifle

william704 Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 12:06 PM
i live in the peoples republik of kalifornia and had to sell an extensive collection of guns to try to save my house after losing a job in the mid nineties. i wish now i had the guns as i still lost the house. this was after the senile old woman from whine country came up with her infamous weapons ban.

New Jersey police and Dept. of Children and Families officials raided the home of a firearms instructor and demanded to see his guns after he posted a Facebook photo of his 11-year-old son holding a rifle.

“Someone called family services about the photo,” said Evan Nappen, an attorney representing Shawn Moore. “It led to an incredible, heavy-handed raid on his house. They wanted to see his gun safe, his guns and search his house. They even threatened to take his kids.”

Moore was not arrested or charged.

A Dept. of Children and Families spokesperson told me they could not confirm or...