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every parent who feels as dr z does should dress every member of their family in santa suits and attend the concert en masse. also any one in the general area that feels the same way should all dress in santa suits and attend the same concert.
so was hitler and stalin.
it would be a hard choice between the goofy mayors of L.A. and new york as to who are bigger idiots. but in either case the voters who elected them trump anything the mayors are doing. here in L.A. the west side liberals got this mayor elected. these same westside liberals are New York citys' scum and trash that moved to Kalifornia 20 years ago.
pchester is right on the money. we need to get rid of boehner and his ilk. we actually need a hitler , not the racist , murderous maniac but the passionate and convincing speaker who would shout in your face about what is right. not stand there and drone on with such drivel that after a minute people are turning the channel to the wondferful pressure cooker commercial.
I'm hopeful that when 2016 rolls around and a new president is elected that all of the LYING MUSLIMS' appointed czars will do the traditional thing and resign their posts and that the new president will gleefully accept the resignations and appoint new ones.
that's very true wolv very true. you seem to have forgotten what you knew. must be alzheimers or a tumor perhaps.
rod I totally agree. Boehner HAS to go. maybe if we break his tanning booth he'll leave.
all of us have to remember that only about 13 or so seats changed. we still have the other 500 or so congressmen who allowed this mess to happen. that's where the problem lies.
the street thugs and pimps are the low info people who think that because someone 300 or so years ago sold one of their ancestors into slavery then it's all right to disobey any law they don't like and think that their arrogance will convince the police of their right to resist arrest.
where is the outrage over Zemir Begic thread
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