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those two citys'? are a prime example of what the beginning of the short slide into anarchy looks like. when they wanted to divide the state into separate states it would have got on the ballot if it just split those two metro areas off and left the rest of the state alone. the idiot brown has began emphasizing ILLEGAL ALIEN importation by bowing to Nieto from mexico. the only reason for that was to keep people from knowing he's still pushing the 100 billion plus dollar hi speed rail.
watch out there john you'll earn the enmity of cam25s coolaid rants
get a new song johnny on note.
answer me this ..why is there over a 100 house passed bills sitting on obstructionist harry reids'. desk. all deal with obamas ranting wants and many of them are bi partisan bills.
gerrymandering is the reason no one should tell politicians what party they claim to be in. that way the current political party would not know how to gerrymander to save their parties safe seats.
cam it the repubs did the gerrymandering why did they fis it so the democrats control the 3 most populace states. the democrats were the one who pushed all electoral votes go to only one person in each state. had they not done that the one time they were in complete control of the congress the electoral votes would have been split between the different parties on the ballot determined by the amount of popular votes received. had that been the case there would NEVER have been a democrat in the white house. as it was in 2012 the only won 10 or 11 states. if those votes had been apportioned Obama would be organizing knock out clubs in Chicago now.
cmon here jd they ALL are an embarrassment.
the only end of anything will be the end of senile old cows like her and senile lame brains like dingy horry reid
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Why Democrat Ideas Don't Work: Reality

william704 Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 12:11 PM
they say "yes master"
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