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The Truth About Violence in Chicago

william704 Wrote: 22 hours ago (1:30 PM)
OMG here is an article by a real live, by neddy dingo, jingoist homie. mike royko must be spinning in his grave.
why would "people eating tender animals" have a problem with that??
i'll bet your neighbors have a little yapping mutt living in their place. reminds me of the muslims in texas moving in next door to a pig farm and then suing the farmer to move his farm.
and the jerry releases rapists from prison and puts them in rural communities instead of keeping them in jail. he wants 100s of billions for a high speed rail system that is not hi speed. and fiensteins' husbands company will be getting the job...
are we sure this guy is in ioway. he sounds more like the politicians here in the peoples republik of kalifornia.
just take the total number of districts no matter what party affliation and lay an equal sized grid over the state example 20 districts 20 equal squares. if some squares fall outside the state boundaries than the portion in the state is the district. if population is factored in just divide the square into 10 equal squares in the heavily populated areas.
more cops with a license to kill
I kinda agree loiso. I've lived in L.A. most of my 73 years and have watched it go from a fairly decent city. It wasn't ever a great city thanks to the jewish gangsters that took it over in the 30s and 40s till they moved to vegas. the fact that now with total control by democrats and government unions it is now Juarez, Mexico. soon now we too will close the bull ring and the fronton palace.
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