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It's just a matter of priorities. Based on its track record since January 2009, would you expect the Obama administration to place the interests of law abiding people above those of law breakers?
The NAACP is lamenting the lack of training of LEOs in dealing with Black citizens. A rhetorical question: Who is training Black citizens in how to deal with LEOs?
Perhaps two of the grand jurors would look like Obama?
They are probably holding back the announcement until there is another White House scandal to hide. Stoking the fires of a race riot in the heartland will give the MSM justification for not covering the as yet unknown scandal.
Rule #1: Do not tell the Emperor he has no clothes.
What is it about our immigration policy that is broken? The policy seems to have been solid as a rock, but failure to implement it has been the source of the problem. That failure does not fall on the Congress; it is the responsibility of the Executive Branch. If you don't identify the problem correctly, you have no chance of solving it.
Does it make any sense at all to play the Democrats' game when they change the rules at will? No one is going to be able to redistribute wealth to buy votes better than the people who've been doing it forever. For that matter, why would anyone want to try? Stand for something. Tell people what you stand for and why. Take actions that prove you stand for something. Talk about the results. It's not too late. The makers still outnumber the takers, even if by a small margin.
The Republicans have given Obama six years to do something about reducing corporate tax rates and he has done nothing. Reducing those rates, particularly on profits made overseas, will bring billions of dollars in revenue in addition to providing billions in operating capital for businesses. That means jobs, which will generate even more revenue to the Treasury. If a Republican is elected President in 2016, but they lose the Senate majority shouldn't a Republican President be able to implement corporate tax reform by executive order? After all, we will have waited 8 years for Obama to do something.
You are either deluded or a troll. The wealth that the Democrats are redistributing is being taken from the middle class. They are the ones who constantly increase taxes and expand social programs that accomplish little except to buy votes. As for schools being underfunded, you have to be kidding. There is no positive link between the money spent on each student and the academic performance that results. If there was, every Democrat run city in America would have the best public schools.
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