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Somehow this sounds too deja vu to be true. It looks like propaganda to me, but who benefits except the Ukrainians who don't want to be annexed?
You can put committed Black conservatives on radio, but who will listen to them and who will pay to advertise on their shows? Voting Democrat is an addiction. Like any other addiction the addict has to admit that they have a problem before they can start recovery. They have to hit bottom, like residents of Detroit and other Democrat/union-controlled cities.
For some of them it might have, given the subsidies. But they will soon realize that the premiums are only the tip of the health care cost iceberg.
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The Obama Administration Trolls

William6382 Wrote: 15 hours ago (11:10 AM)
As much as I would like to believe that this administration's frantic liberal overreach provides indisputable evidence of the failure of liberal ideology, at least 40% of the population aren't paying attention. From a conservative perspective they are insane. But are they really? One group is comfortable believing the victimhood hustlers' claims that their life situations are not their fault. The entitlements keep coming. The enabling group still feels good about themselves that they are doing something, however counterproductive that might be, to improve the life situations of the losers in life's lottery. And yet another group is laughing all the way to the bank as they get theirs while the getting is good. They aren't worried about the long run, because in the long run they'll all be dead. But they will leave behind generations of "heirs" who will pay a terrible price for the greed and stupidity of those who went before them.
You would have to be a liar to make the claim that the cost curve would go down and you would have to be a moron to believe it. This administration has been caught lying enough times to earn the "liar" moniker. Being charitable, the people who elected them in 2008 are not morons, but the ones who re-elected them in 2012 are.
The other 40% are line at the pot shops in Colorado.
OMB was involved in making the change. So the short answer is yes.
Even today's New York Times is admitting that the game is rigged: "In the test last year, the percentage of people without health insurance was 10.6 percent when interviewers used the new questionnaire, compared with 12.5 percent using the old version. Researchers said that they had found a similar pattern in the data for different age, race and ethnic groups. " What this says is that when the new questions were applied to the same base of 1000 people only 106 were without health insurance. Using the old questions 125 were without health insurance. Does anyone have a guess as to which number will be used as the 2013 base?
This is one time that that it's possible to know what's ahead by looking in the rear view mirror. We'll get a rosy report about the phenomenal increase in the number of people with health insurance a few days before the mid-term elections. The MSM will bombard us with the good news - Obamacare is a success. We will not be told that comparing the Pre-Obamacare and post-Obamacare numbers is like comparing apples and ten penny nails. Shortly after the elections we'll start to get the "adjusted" numbers from the MSM who will have performed their Judas goat task and will be quick to point out what they have "just discovered."
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Nevada Showdown: All Hat, No Cattle

William6382 Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 1:29 PM
I have this irrational thing about being lied to. Maybe that's just me.
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