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The information is no surprise. The fact that it was released before the election is a surprise. Obviously someone didn't get the memo.
It would be very simple for the Republicans to co-opt Obama if they hold the House and take the Senate. Long before now they should have produced a new Contract with America that addresses the issues that concern most Americans. They should be prepared on day one in January 2015 to run with that ball.
I long for the days when a lying White House was a man-bites-dog story. Now it's a dog-bites-man story that is so common that we've lost our sense of outrage. Well, we've lost our sense of outrage when it's a nationally prominent Democrat. When it's a Republican candidate for clerk of the orphan's court in rural South Carolina, there's a media feeding frenzy.
The so-called strategy for dealing with information that arrived three to five years into a get-Bush feeding frenzy apparently hinged on the fact that these weapons were not "new production." They were left over from an earlier program that had been abandoned. That's the weasel wording the NYT is using to "expose the facts" without acknowledging that there were WMD in Iraq in 2003.
This just tells the Democrats how many fraudulent votes they need to register or how many voting machines need to be "lost."
With all due respect to philosophical inquiry, of course we are significant. As for earth being the center of the universe, to be trite, it is definitely the center of our universe, because it's all we know. But scientifically speaking, if the universe is infinite, any point is the center.
Breaking a sweat requires pushing yourself. He has never had to push himself, because everyone around him either did the heavy lifting or lied to him and told him he was a success at whatever he was doing. No doubt he has a display case of "participation trophies" topped off by a Nobel Peace Prize awarded for showing up.
There's been a good bit of discussion over the past couple of days about why the White House didn't jump on these discoveries and shout "I told you so." The bottom line seems to be that the same political "experts" who are still advising the Republicans decided it would be pointless to look back. That PR battle had already been lost. These are the people who are going to bring us poorer results in the elections next month than we could expect if they were fired. Of course they will still make money and will have plenty of time afterward to play talking head, show their white board, and explain why their "architecture" was sound but the execution was poor.
Most places do not require an ID to register to vote. You can "prove" your residency by producing a utility bill or a rental agreement. The media show total ignorance when they echo the claim that Texas honors a concealed carry permit as ID to vote, but not a college ID. They either don't know or don't care that the concealed carry permit is only issued to people who prove their age and state residency, while college IDs are given to any student who registers, regardless of their state of residency.
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William6382 Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 1:56 PM
"Comprehensive immigration reform" is as nebulous and meaningless as "common sense gun control." For all you know "comprehensive immigration reform" could mean closing the borders and deporting all illegals currently in the country.
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