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Was Training Day a better depiction of the truth?
Gansler was not referring to being in the military as not having a real job. While taking the reference out of context allows you to write a column, it doesn't insulate you from the facts. Brown was a military reservist activated as a lawyer. He had no command authority and he ran nothing. As Maryland's lieutenant governor he also ran nothing, but was given titular responsibility for the state's health insurance exchange. It failed spectacularly and he walked away squeaky clean because the Democrat dominated legislature sees no fault with one of their own. Being governor of a state is a real job with executive authority and responsibility. In other words, it's a real job when compared with Brown's previous experience.
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The High Cost of Liberalism: Part III

William6382 Wrote: 6 hours ago (10:32 AM)
"Liberals don't talk -- or perhaps even think -- in terms of the actual consequences of their policies, when it is so much more pleasant to think in terms of wonderful goals and lofty rhetoric." The goals and rhetoric are designed to be accepted by the "beneficiaries" of the good intentions. The only consequence that matter to liberals is that the intentions translate into democrat votes. It has worked for more than 50 years, even though the actual impact on the "beneficiaries" has been consistently negative.
And who do you think the thousands of newly released "non-violent drug offenders" will vote for in November when they get their right to vote back?
I'm confused by the Vienna mayor's concerns about increased security costs as a result of this new law. Were they not checking people for unlawful weapons at the court house before?
KMASSEY is a perfect example of he liberal mindset. It doesn't matter if we screw the poor as long as we screw the successful more.
"...to scare people from not owning guns in the home." It would bolster his case if the author could master the English language. If they are spending millions to scare people from NOT owning guns, then they are promoting gun ownership.
Political correctness prevents him from naming the real cause of the violence. Hint: their murder rate is 10 times that of the majority demographic, even before taking into consideration that they are only 30% of the population. Perhaps other demographics raised with no respect for themselves or anyone else, crowded into a city mismanaged by liberals who pretend to care about them (but really only want their votes) would regress to savagery as well.
If colleges closed, idiots like this man would have to get a real job. Perhaps he could put his creative writing skills to good use by fabricating a resume.
I'm beginning to understand what the common bond is between TV anchors and President Obama. They are clueless and embarrassingly stupid without a teleprompter. OK. OK...they are clueless and embarrassingly stupid with a teleprompter, too.
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