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In WWI Sgt. York would cluck like a Turkey, when the enemy looked up to see the Turkey, York blew his head off. In those days, when you called someone a "mans man" it was considered a compliment, today the connotation is "gay"!!! Kyle is today, a "warrior's warrior"!!!!
John McCain last year proclaimed Republicn's cannot win the Presidency unless they approve of his amnesty bill. Weeks later a Pew poll found almost four out of five aliens will vote Democrat. The lunacy of John McCain seems to be infectious in our body politic.
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william5960 Wrote: Nov 26, 2013 7:08 AM
Dr. Sowell once wrote mockingly, as only he can do, of John McCain's "gang of fourteen" in the spring of 2005. ... Even though majority leader Frist had assured McCain the nuclear option threat would never go to the floor, McCain, in his reprehensible, opportunistic zeal, grandstanded against his own party's President's court nominees. Can' wait for Dr. Sowell's comments on McCain's silence on the Harry Reid nuclear option!
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