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Danny--why are you shocke...never mind
Good point, Molon. I clicked on the link to see her pic--her bust size ain't nuthin' to write home about either. In her case a bust size larger than her IQ is a real problem
The Mexican government won't recognize her; the government of El Salvador won't recognize him. And yet some idiot lawyer implies that the United States government and its taxpayers have an obligation to recognize both of them?
This is my second attempt trying to posting this comment. I'd like to know why Sharpton is referred to as "Reverend". Where did he get his degree? What church ordained this POS? Was my first attempt to post these questions blocked because I was uncivil? Civility is not called for when discussing this piece of debris.
You stole my thunder, James. This isn't the first time we've seen Danny Doherty pop a woody for this weak demo stuff. These babes sing this song when they figure it will do them some good--if elected they'll line up behind harry so fast it'll make your head swim.
So right. Everything these dems say is the opposite of what they believe. If elected, she'll fall in line with obama so fast it'll make heads swim. When our supposedly objective press won't remind us of what these clowns said yesterday they're left free to say whatever they want today.
Shove the "apology" where the sun don't shine.
Jeb, ole buddy, if I rob a bank and my only purpose is to support my family, would you be so charitable? Idiot.
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De Blasio Is Full Of Blarney

William5758 Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 8:00 AM
Stories like this one are asinine yawners. It's been reported that de Blasio was elected with 75% of the vote. I would not be the least bit surprised to learn that the community served by "Success Academy Harlem 4" voted for de Blasio at an 80 or 90% rate. Anybody who doesn't know that statist politicians put the welfare of lousy schools ahead of their kids needs to start paying attention or stop voting. Obama did the same thing in DC.
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