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With Unemployment Already High, Why Are Leftists Pushing for an Increase in the Minimum Wage?

William564 Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 5:57 PM
Ponder the thought, if the minimum wage is increased, a number of union contracts call for an increase of pay to the workers represented by the union. If the minimum wage is increased, will not the threshold for poverty also be increased meaning more individuals qualified for food stamps and other handouts by the government. Now considered, why set the minimum at $8.00 per hour, I think the minimum should be set to the Presidents Salary with his benefits. I to want sushi parties every wednsday with live rock groups playing., let's just keep the senate and house salaries the same. Of course a new hire is not worth that expenditure, and for that matter, the current president is not worth that wage either

The unemployment rate has been stuck above 8 percent ever since Obama pushed through his ill-fated stimulus scheme to increase the burden of government spending.

This high level of joblessness presumably reduces Obama’s chances of getting reelected, so you would think that Democrats would be very leery of proposals that increase the cost of job creation.

Yet they’ve relentlessly pushed to subsidize unemployment, even though Paul Krugman and Larry Summers have...