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Carlos7-that's up to the Counties...Here in Washtenaw County,the DHS has several drug programs for those who want to get cleaned.as you know Carlos Ann Arbor is the county seat,and they would frown on this testing.Me,I say drug test everyone,and that include's alcohol as well.and those on welfare should be randomly tested,not a set date.
WAY TO GO!!!!...I voted for you Gov.Snyder...ya you maybe Republican lite...but here in Michigan that saying a lot.
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Attack Of The Mutants

william4830 Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 7:49 AM
AnneRFletcher-WOW!!!...a BMW and all that cash...I guess internet prostitution does pay.
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5 Ways To Improve Meet The Press

william4830 Wrote: Nov 28, 2014 4:22 PM
Um...an improvement would be to get rid of the show all together.
Good...One Police officer not going to be charged...Thug 10 ft. under...works for me.
I'd that when Odimwit was elected....TWICE!!!!
Thumbs up for that comment!
If Chuck Hagel is a Republican...Then I'm Irish...and I'm 100% American Mexican.
Guy-"When the president was asked whether he had intentionally misled the public in order to get the law passed, he replied: “No. I did not.”...He MEANS IT...GRUBER misled the public,NOT ME!...Thats how Obama thinks.
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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

william4830 Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 4:07 PM
oops...I meant twoXP
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