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Photo: Liberal Fail of the Day

William4422 Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 7:03 PM
AFUMCbill@6:52complaining now is to know that their supposed front of intellectual and moral superiority is slipping badly They beleave they have intelligence,as for morals,I'd say not,immoral superiority is more like it.

Psst.  It's than, you guysThan:

In their joyless stampede to pretend Mitt Romney is a birther, a group of Lefties in Ohio inadvertently demonstrated the genuine priority of fixing America's education system.  It's one thing to make a typo in a tweet, email or (ahem) blog post.  It's another to hire an airplane to drag a five-word sign around the sky, then botch 20 percent of your message.  So kudos.  And lest you think faux outrage over Mitt Romney's joke in Michigan is limited to...