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Bombshell Report: US Knew Benghazi Raid Was a Terrorist Attack Within 24 Hours

William4422 Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 1:07 PM
Are we regulars here at TH really surprised by this?....Our(God it hurt's to say this)President is a stuffed shirt.We knew he was lying(and not just because his lips were moving)from the beginning of this farce. Susan Rice is a dolt,and Gibbs is a tool.We know we will never get a straight answer from this administration. I don't mean to harp on Guy,but so what?!Obama is in re-election mode,he care's not one whit about anything but being re-elected!

For a full week following the deadly ambush at the US consulate in Benghazi, the Obama administration told the American public that the incident was triggered by a "spontaneous protest" over an anti-Islam video that spun out of hand.  They've equivocated over recent days, as the himself president has begun to hedge -- finally allowing that other forces may have had a hand in the destruction.  Today, national security correspondent Eli Lake has a bombshell exclusive in Newsweek/The Daily Beast that destroys the administration's official story and points to an intentional cover-up: