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The thing needs to get built but it is hard to understand why 'eminent domain' is even needed! Between the old/current railroad, power lines, and other pipeline right-of-ways it is hard to understand why those could not be piece together to minimize if not eliminate the need for additional private land. I just watched TWO lines the diameter of this one laid between TWO high voltage transmission lines (those big tall ones) using the power line right-of-way-- can't even tell they were there now! BUILD IT!
In 1975, Ronald Reagan stated, "I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism"
The real question and issue is -- Why the Feds have a dang thing to say about it to begin with?! No one is asking OR SOLVING that question! They are supposed to PROMOTE Commerce NOT restrict it! They just have not collected enough extortion money yet! It must be a conspiracy because no one could be this STUPID!
Karl Rove needs to go be a Democrat! We need to be SCREAMING THE TRUTH! This PC nonsense is why we are in this mess! Washington is BROKEN and WE-THE-PEOPLE need to fix it NOT the people that broke it and continue to promote the charades!!!!! Rove does not like Rand Paul or Cruz or West or Bachmann ... What does that tell you? Rove is washed-up and needs to just fade out! FNC needs to fire him!
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The End of the Reagan Era?

william3837 Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 11:21 AM
One might also make the case for massive voter fraud from that article!
Great read! Good article! Thanks Mr. Ransom! I have been trying to tell them this for 30 years!
Could part of the price of Aluminum price be market forces from the massive recycling industry now going. While cooper is recycled too it is usually in more long term uses and is harder to get to to recycle. Just a thought. I'm an equipment manufacture and we collect easily recyclable metals from our processes and we recycle 1000 lb of Al for every 75 lbs of Cu....
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