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My Problem With the Republican Party

William375 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 3:44 PM
The problem is that one of the best ways that you can signal your true wants to the two big parties, if they are not going to listen, is to vote for a third party that is more in line with what you want. Then one would think that a smart losing party would see what was getting votes and try to corral some of those votes for themselves. If you vote for Republicans because you see them as slightly less bad then Democrats, you reinforce to the Republicans that they are on the right track and that is helping nobody. I do not think you can say anything about the non-voters without knowing what they might have done since that could go any which way. In the end, what we need is to end plurality winning elections and get some sort of instant run-off system or something to empower third parties. Hopefully it encourages more people to vote as well. It is crazy that you can have elections with three or four candidates and someone "wins" with maybe 40% of the vote and even acts like they have a mandate from the people. (A Republican was elected to Congress in Hawaii with under 40% for Pete's sake.) You can say something like, "If you do not vote for Bush, you are voting for Kerry", but really, if you do not vote for Bush all you are really doing is not voting for Bush. Any other statement is just assuming/wishing a certain outcome on those ballots.
I would love to know how many of the millionaires for higher taxes pays someone to minimize the amount of tax they pay. The President said that he feels that he gets to keep more money than he should but he pays a CPA to do his taxes, has a ton of itemized deductions. So, he pays money to pay less in taxes and then complains about paying less in taxes. That seems somewhat messed up. It was like George Soros supporting the new rules for hedge funds a while back, but only after having moved his hedge fund into a class excluded from those rules. And Soros and Buffett pushing for higher estate taxation because they have already taken steps to shield their estates. So much of this stuff is theater to create an illusion for the masses.
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