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Murdered Christians, Ambassador and workers, dead soldiers, hell Obama doesn't care about anything other than his politics, teleprompter and appeasement of dictators. Whats a few more dead bodies of Westerners being added to the pile.
Obama agrees to allow Iran to use its thousands of enriching sites to continue doing what it wants, and agrees to eliminate sanctions (that are working), release billions of dollars in their frozen accounts, import what they want, and sell their oil and anything else freely. Talk about snatching defeat from victory all for his personal political gain. With a President like this Putin and Stalin look good.
Why doesn't Walmart and the other retailers just start the sales Thanksgiving morning and demand that the families of the shoppers just be issued a Swanson Turkey dinner and be happy.
The voters are so dumb they will do whatever Obama tells them to do. As he said the Repubs are responsible for everything, especially Bush, so just vote the Repubs out of office.
Let this "1984" Big Brother order from Obama and the Democrates disaster sink like a stone. We need effective, humorous, continuous 15 and 30 second ads providing the truth about this Obamination.
When you have Barry the Omnipotent you need no other Gods.
Barry is no Christian by any definition with the continual lies, illegal cheating, back stabbing and blatent racism he displays. Of all the Christians I know, no one acts like this atheist. As the Head of the Vatican, the Pope should call the US ambassador in for a dressing down and warning that Obama's Christian persecution must stop. The embarrassment might finally wake up the majority of Catholics that voted for the evil one.
Garbage In, Garbage Out.
The Dictator needs to stop chronic lies.
We are told that there are a total of 4.1 million federal government workers with 800,000 of those non-essentual workers being furloughed during the close down, and everything works fine. The 800,000 are truly non-essentual so a good suggestion is to make them permanently non-essentual. What a savings that would be as a start to balancing the budget.
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How Obama Will Exploit the Debt Limit

William3458 Wrote: Oct 07, 2013 12:53 PM
Both Canada and the US are great countries. The difference is is that the Conservative government in Canada is trying to balance the yearly budget and reduce debt, and Obama and the Democrates have no interest in balancing the yearly budget, or reducing the debt. They only know spend, spend, spend and let someone else (your children and theirs) pay it off later. Which they probably won't be able to do. What a way to destroy a great country.
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