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Score One for Religious Freedom

William28 Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 4:04 PM
Obama is acting like the Muslims are fully here and as Muslim he is demanding Shiriah law-well Obama it ain't gonna happen! You cannot violate the Constitution and expect us to sit by and let it go! Folks he's testingt he waters-time for him to go before the "election" a joke and what is holding back the military from exercising it'as oath to "defend the Constitution"-arrest the sob and all the rest!
A federal district court in Colorado has issued an injunction against the government enforcing ObamaCare's abortifacient/contraceptive and sterilization mandate against Hercules, a private company.

Yes, it is limited to one company.  Yes, it is owned by a Catholic family. 

But despite the predictable naysaying from the Obama-loving MSM, this ruling matters.  Not only does it emphasize the mandate's lack of regard for First Amendment rights, its arguments offer a roadmap to other litigators with clients who don't want their religious liberties trampled by the Obama administration.

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