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NASA since Apollo is nothing more than another corrupt, inept, wasteful bureacracy filled with people that couldn't get a real job in the private sector. The shuttle program had to disasters and spent twice as much to send up a satellite than regular boosters, the Hubble for $2 billion was sent up and no one checked the optics, the ISS is an incredible waste of money, they sent out interplanetary probes whose attenna wouldn't deploy and finally we have James Hansen who was found falsifying temperture data to support global warming and then destroyed the original data so it couldn't be analysed.
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Methane Deceptions

william2647 Wrote: Jan 24, 2015 8:45 AM
“Let no crisis go to waste”, Rahm Emanuel. There appears to be a concerted effort to create an energy crisis. The Carbon Cap and Trade bill failure is now being implemented by executive order. The anti-nuclear power forces with the aid of the Japan disaster are all but assured to prohibit new nuclear power generation, although it has already been accomplished by shutting down the Yucca Mountain Waste facility. The failure to build the Keystone pipeline from Canada will add to the crisis. Add in the propaganda in an effort to shut down hydraulic fracturing to limit access to natural gas reserves. Radical environmental groups with the aid of the government are working diligently to remove dams generating water powered electricity, the only marginally economical form of “green” energy. It should become obvious that these efforts are intended to set up takeover of the energy infrastructure in which the government has had historically little control when compared to banking, auto, agriculture and health industries.
Since his only skills are lying and stealing, he obviously believes he hasn't stolen enough to make up for his income drop if he had tolive on his massive government retirement.
There are only two sources of hydrogen-natural gas or electrolysis. Either will require more fossil fuel development. Just like electric cars, I'm all for it.
Assuming that Barry's policies do not collapse the whole economic system, his policies could create an incredible boon to the "awl bidness". His continued attempts to create an energy crisis, shutting down of coal, nuclear and oil sources as well as the promotion of unfeasible renewables, will result in shortages that will create an incredible photo op of dragging frozen grandmas from the ghetto. At that point we go either back to the free market or the take over of the entire energy infrastructure by government.
The lack of critical thinking ability and lockstep beliefs of the left are seldom more apparent than the adulation of the court jester Stewart. They have no ability to discern the difference between cleverness and wisdom.
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The Oil Weapon in America's Hands

william2647 Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 12:00 PM
Although I agree with most of the article, one must be aware that the unconventional oil increase is about over. We have reached the point that the new wells will only be able to maintain the current rate at best and that there will be no large increases in domestic production. Also be aware that $70/bbl is required to even continue drilling the "shale plays" and below that level, when the music stops the production will drop rapidly.
There are so many errors concerning Russia and gas production in this article it would take too long to correct and explain. Limiting to gas only please be aware: 1) Shale gas for most areas requires around $8/mmbtu to be profitable in the US; with no infrastructure and facilities in Europe to drill and develop the price would be astronomical. 2) There has been limited drilling for shale gas in the US the last 5 years because of price, where the excess supply may be marginal. 3) We may have have inadequate supply of gas in the US this winter, since these wells decline at around 90% the first year. 4) We are 10 years away from having an infrastructure that could supply any significant gas to replace Russian supply even if we have the volume. 5) Even if we could export the price to produce, liquify and ship US gas to Europe would exceed the price charged by Russia. 6) The curtailment of gas may be due to Russian supply problems rather than political reasons.
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Two Anti-Choice Parties

william2647 Wrote: Sep 24, 2014 3:59 PM
It is interesting reading the amount of vitriol against libertarians by the brainwashed who are ignorant of the subject matter and have been convinced that they cannot survive without government. The mindless prattle argument against individual liberty like all government defenders only uses half arguments. I know this is hard but if you are free to do something stupid it is no longer society's problem to fix it. Personal freedom comes with a caveat called personal responsibility. The brainwashed have a hard time with the concept, which is anything but adolescent. The stupidity of societal responsibility for individual responsibility that the brainwashed have accepted is the reason that we have so many victimless crimes on the books, with a government depriving individuals of their rights and property under threat of violence.
Where was this outrage when Mitt Romney was castigated for giving another kid a haircut in high school? The point is the lies she perpetrated against the victim, like when she was fired from the Watergate legal team for lying or more recently the lie about dodging snipers in Kosovo. There is nothing this sociopath will not do to obtain power. Look into her lies used against the multiple women Slick Willie abused.
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