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Of course the electric car effort is being pushed by people that have never been involved with business. The reality is that electric vehicles will use twice as much energy as a similar gasoline car. Regardless, the only way the electric car will become viable is the same way that other mechanized transportation became viable. Before there was train transportation someone had to build the rails. Before auto use became widespread there had to be passable roads to use.Before semi-trucks became the primary goods transport there had to be the interstate highway system. Since Obama et al are going to squander money on the electric anyway, then they should initiate the placing of a hot rail down the left lane on the interstate highways. Since the major cities will also comply then the electric becomes viable without the need for massive batteries. Since one will be charging while driving the battery system will only need about 100 miles of capacity, since 90%+ vehicles will seldom stray more than 50 miles from a hot rail. Once this is accomplished then the cost will drop dramatically and be with in reach of the average household. Although I abhor the government involvement for obvious reasons, this idea is not setting a precedent as a similar effort was done for the trains, autos and especially the semi-trucks that utilize the interstate system as their rails.
Nothing that these people do is through stupidity or accidental. Everything they do is on purpose. If one wanted to destroy America and individual liberty, it would not be possible to do it any better.Does anyone really believe that a website could not be created and tested in 3 years for $650,000,000.
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Obamacare Changes in One Infographic

william2647 Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 3:20 PM
I've given up effort to debate the irrational. I find the following quote appropriate: .to argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead.[Thomas Paine, The Crisis, quoted in Ingersoll's Works, Vol. 1, p.127]
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Re-state of the Union

william2647 Wrote: Jan 29, 2014 3:23 PM
If Barry had told the truth then it would have been as follows: War on Drugs- I can't believe that you are all so stupid to not understand the the difference between drug "use" and drug "abuse", that the number of "abusers" will be the same whether they are legal or not. Do you not realize that a "war" is only declared to take away your rights and money and give it to the state.If drugs were legal the cartels will go broke and we would have no reason to maintain the police state? We get too many campaign contributions from the Drug Cartels to keep drugs illegal and can't be expected to give up such a dependable source on contributions.
Marita-next time you write please talk to someone that actually knows about the subject matter. The surfactants added to make the "slick water" are not to treat the formation sand, but to reduce friction pressure loss while pumping to reduce horsepower requirements not to carry sand. Even a positive article about the hydraulic fracturing doesn't help if it misrepresents the facts. The reality of hydraulic fracturing is that it is not "new" technology as it has been in use for 50 years. Directionally drilling is also not new as the physical forces to drill horizontally are not dramatically different when one considers that the cosine of 80 degrees is not much different than 90 degrees. The knowledge of gas in shales is also not new. What is new is combining different technologies to improve the economics. If one horizontal well with 12 hydraulic fractures or twelve vertical wells with a 1 fracture each can produce $24,000,0000 of gas and it costs $6,000,000 to drill a horizontal well and $2,000,000 per well to drill a vertical well, then the economics should be apparent to even those that cannot solve a middle school algebra problem. Having designed and implemented these techniques for nearly 40 years, if you have any questions, please reply.
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Fracking Saves Water

william2647 Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 10:02 AM
Since I have designed and performed hydraulically fracturing operations I could not refrain from pointing out that everything you posted is false. Slick water has been used is the past, sand has been used as well as walnut hulls and ceramics as proppants and the pressures aren't any higher than in the past. I could actually contend that the actual bottomhole treating pressures are less than in the past, but that would require a knowledge of basic math. As far as horizontal wells being fractured in let's say 12 stages or twelve fracture treatments, there is no difference versus drilling 12 vertical wells and fracturing them separately. The only change is using old technology in a different combination. Sorry but I have to use math. If it costs $6,000,000 to drill a single horizontal well and perform a 12 stage hydraulic fracture and it costs $2,000,000 each to drill 12 vertical wells and $24,000,000 of gas is recovered from the vertical wells is equal to the gas recovered from the one horizontal well, which project has a better rate of return? I know this is hard so Horizontal well return is $24,000,000-$6,000,000=$18,000,000. 12 vertical wells = $24,000,000- 12 X $2,000,000= $0. Again I apologize for having to use math.
I truly think that Kurt has accurately described why the Republican Party is not the opposition to the Marxists and is actually a party that is an enabler. Both parties are completely corrupt and have a single goal to have a massive central government dictating every facet of life so they can more easily enrich themselves. All disagreements are nothing more than theatre for the ignorant masses that they have jointly created. Note that the Libertarians are attacked by both the Marxist and Republicans and that the Republicans are doing everything they can to purge the party of conservatives. They also withhold support to Republican nominees that were not handpicked to support the corruption, so that they are not a problem later. In short, the Republican Party has more than once failed to support a nominee demonstrating that they would prefer to have another Marxist elected to maintain the status quo rather than have a real small government Republican elected. The Virginia governor's race was lost because the Democrats funded their candidate by a margin of 10 to 1 because they didn't get a nominee that would support the party line and then deny responsibility for the loss by blaming Libertarians.
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Does Washington Know Best?

william2647 Wrote: Nov 15, 2013 3:13 PM
Since I travel and work in Russia your central fantasy reminded me of a joke told to me by my Russian compatriots. A Russian factory worker had one dream to own a car. The party had to approve his purchase and after exhaustive paper work and approvals he finally showed up and gave them his money he had saved to purchase a car. The communist bureaucrat congratulated him and informed him that he could pick up his car in 4 years. The poor Russian then politely asked whether it would be delivered in the morning or the afternoon. The bureaucrat amused by the question stated " What difference does it make comrade it's four years from now". To which the factory worker replied " Well comrade, I have the plumbers coming by that day".
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Race-Hustling Results

william2647 Wrote: Oct 22, 2013 8:47 AM
Another excellent article that certainly was correct 30 years ago before the advent of hedge funds, bankers, crony capitalists (as opposed to free market capitalists) and complete corruption of the government. The oppressive government stifling personal initiative at the behest of the crony capitalist that want to prohibit competition as well as a general acceptance of unethical and dishonest practices in the market place prohibit the "poor boy" from succeeding. Having been in the oilfield for 40 years(one of the few business endeavors that actually create wealth rather than take wealth from others) I was always gratified when the lowliest worker in the most menial of jobs would tell me his dream that we was going to have his own equipment and crews some day. That was 20 years ago. Today the same guy is only working for his paycheck as the system put in place by the aforementioned has made it clear that he has no chance. That does not mean he doesn't want to achieve only that the government has prohibited his ability to have a chance. Instead of working and saving, he now votes to achieve his goals based upon the Marxists rhetoric espoused today as moderate policy, since he has realized that he has no chance. This has nothing to do with race as equality for all has been achieved through Marxists methods with all that it entails.
I submit that the current energy policy is not being done through ignorance of the subject matter or in a deluded effort to save the planet from Climate Change, but is specifically intended to create an energy crisis. The shut down of the Yucca Mountain facility makes this obvious, since nuclear power cannot be a scapegoat for the religion of Global Warming. When the realities of the Carbon Cap & Trade being implemented by executive order are realized, virtually everything will increase in cost at a time that our economy can ill afford another hit. Of course government, always ready to deny responsibility, will blame the energy industry for gouging the public and senatorial investigative show trials will be aired ad nauseum preordained to reach the conclusion that only the government can run it properly. Of course the shortages that will soon follow will be blamed on foreign producers who no longer accept dollars in payment. The truly frightening point of the preceding argument is the extent that the Marxists intend to go to squash dissent. It is now apparent that the intent is not just to create rolling blackouts, but to create a disaster in which thousands of people will freeze or bake to death while what little is left of the economy goes into shambles. The current bill’s mandates being implemented by bureaucratic mandate are estimated to shut down as much as 50% of our coal fired electrical power generation. With no nuclear power to replace, then the only viable alternative to maintain electrical generating capacity appears to be natural gas that is now being curtailed through specious arguments about the ecological dangers of hydraulic fracturing techniques. All of these energy sources are to be supplanted by “green alternatives”. (For all you “glue” heads that have gone organic, doubling wind and solar power will cover up to 2% of our electrical power generation). Of course the fracturing argument will delay bringing enough natural gas to market in time that unfortunately will not forestall the inevitable agenda or the photo opportunities of frozen “grandmas”. The policies currently being put in place are truly evil in that they appear to be purposely implemented to create an “energy crisis” and economic mayhem that will be overshadowed by the de facto murder of thousands without “power”. The pun is intended.
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