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Where was this outrage when Mitt Romney was castigated for giving another kid a haircut in high school? The point is the lies she perpetrated against the victim, like when she was fired from the Watergate legal team for lying or more recently the lie about dodging snipers in Kosovo. There is nothing this sociopath will not do to obtain power. Look into her lies used against the multiple women Slick Willie abused.
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Slavery Reparations

william2647 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 11:22 AM
One thing that should be mentioned when comparing economic data pre Civil War between the Northern industrial sector versus the Southern agrarian sector was the fact that slavery in the north was uneconomical because there were thousands of Irishmen getting off the boat every day, who could be paid a pittance for their labor with no concern for their housing, food or healthcare.
For all you negative posters, we should pass a law that makes rape illegal, uh wait a minute, you mean there's already law?
The reality is that without the constant drum beating, very few people would even notice homosexuals except for their exhibitonism in a pitiful effort to achieve recognition of their crotch as if that has some relevance. The constant pushing of the homosexual agenda is nothing more than another Marxist effort to separate people based upon their differences like women versus men, racial identity, age, religious beliefs, etc and obscure the real agenda of government takeover. The only amazing thing is the amount of attention paid to a population that is relatively miniscule to a point that if they all disappeared would hardly be noticed.
John, please don't accuse celebrities of any thoughts that led them to be liberals. They aren't anything, other than emoters of other peoples words. Most have no critical thinking ability whatsoever and if they ever had an independent thought that did not fit the script it was were immediately quashed by agents, directors or writers.
concerning #4- A classic example of government statistical lies is the way they calculate & report GNP/GDP. It is calculated as all goods and services produced plus government expenditures. To explain, lets say you produced 1000 widgets and the government taxed away(stole) 400. Since anything the government spends is wasted the 400 stolen widgets are gone. yet when they report the GNP they report it as 1400 widgets, the 1000 you made plus the 400 they stole. Now you say, they borrow (print) money and waste it so there may actually be 1400, but anytime they print money it devalues all widgets, so again no increase in GNP.
Of course the electric car effort is being pushed by people that have never been involved with business. The reality is that electric vehicles will use twice as much energy as a similar gasoline car. Regardless, the only way the electric car will become viable is the same way that other mechanized transportation became viable. Before there was train transportation someone had to build the rails. Before auto use became widespread there had to be passable roads to use.Before semi-trucks became the primary goods transport there had to be the interstate highway system. Since Obama et al are going to squander money on the electric anyway, then they should initiate the placing of a hot rail down the left lane on the interstate highways. Since the major cities will also comply then the electric becomes viable without the need for massive batteries. Since one will be charging while driving the battery system will only need about 100 miles of capacity, since 90%+ vehicles will seldom stray more than 50 miles from a hot rail. Once this is accomplished then the cost will drop dramatically and be with in reach of the average household. Although I abhor the government involvement for obvious reasons, this idea is not setting a precedent as a similar effort was done for the trains, autos and especially the semi-trucks that utilize the interstate system as their rails.
Nothing that these people do is through stupidity or accidental. Everything they do is on purpose. If one wanted to destroy America and individual liberty, it would not be possible to do it any better.Does anyone really believe that a website could not be created and tested in 3 years for $650,000,000.
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Obamacare Changes in One Infographic

william2647 Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 3:20 PM
I've given up effort to debate the irrational. I find the following quote appropriate: .to argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead.[Thomas Paine, The Crisis, quoted in Ingersoll's Works, Vol. 1, p.127]
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Re-state of the Union

william2647 Wrote: Jan 29, 2014 3:23 PM
If Barry had told the truth then it would have been as follows: War on Drugs- I can't believe that you are all so stupid to not understand the the difference between drug "use" and drug "abuse", that the number of "abusers" will be the same whether they are legal or not. Do you not realize that a "war" is only declared to take away your rights and money and give it to the state.If drugs were legal the cartels will go broke and we would have no reason to maintain the police state? We get too many campaign contributions from the Drug Cartels to keep drugs illegal and can't be expected to give up such a dependable source on contributions.
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