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"No one grows up with aspirations of government dependency." Total BS. There are literally generations of people who strive to go on Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8, Medicaid, etc. It's ingrained in their genes. Sixty years of this garbage and still going strong. Don't even tell me unwed mothers at age 15 and 16 don't continue to have more kids to fill their taxpayer-funded feedbags.
So why do you American retards keep patronizing the USPS? Every bill known to Mankind can be paid online or by phone. Quite to the contrary, online payment is 1000% more secure than mailing a check that has to be processed by humans. Use email instead of letters. Send email cards. You people are your own worst enemies. I use four stamps a year, max.
Have to disagree with you here buddy old pal. Gate revenues are a fraction of an NBA's team total revenue. The average attendance take is $32 million a year, hardly enough to pay their best player and in some instance not even enough to pay one player. So as much as you'd like to believe the black fans of Atlanta have made the white racist owner rich, you are sadly misinformed and mistaken. TV contracts, advertising and merchandise are the leading forms of revenue. Please do a little research next time.
All Political Correctness aside, but any middle-aged balding, paunchy American retard who paints his face red, orange or whatever and sings some stupid asinine Washington Redskins fight song holds absolutely NO credibility with me whatsoever. Grow the F@ck up already. It's nice for a pre-puberty and young teenager to adore a pro team. When you get into your 40s, 50s and 60s and you still refer to the team as "we" and "us" you definitely have a maturity problem and it ain't the name of the team.
That would be "leeches on society." And I guess I missed where you pinpoint multi-millionaires and billionaire progressive liberals Soros, Buffett, Oprah, Bezos, Pelosi, Kerry, Rockerfeller, Zuckerman and the Clintons as being "leeches" also who are are looking of best return with no conscience?
Well, that's not good news for liberal female beasts; I haven't seen one yet under 176 pounds yet.
I have to agree with the brainless idiot on this subject. I'm sick of "Boston Strong" as well.
It's called working for a retailer.
So don't go shopping you pathetic retard.
What is the big friggin' deal with you American retards and big-box stores opening on Thanksgiving? The vast, overwhelming majority of the posters on this site constantly write that if you don't agree with something just don't patronize it. And you constantly whine about other people getting so upset about what others are doing. And what are you doing now? Hypocrites. if you don't want to go shopping at 6pm on Thanksgiving - DON'T GO. But don't tell others they shouldn't go shopping at 6pm on Thanksgiving. My God - give it a break. And all this garbage about breaking up a family's holiday dinner is wearing thin. Let me tell you something. By 6pm I'm MORE than ready to flee back to that sanctity of my own house FAR AWAY from my family that I've just tolerated for hours. Personally I despise shopping. I'll never shop on Thanksgiving, but who are you, or who am I, to tell others they shouldn't?
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