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Chuckle, chuckle...You're struggling Andre, You're struggling....Chuckle, chuckle. "Well, first of all Governor....Um....First of all....." PRICELESS!
I am trying to decide if this man is that delusional and really believes the stuff that he says, or if he is that confident in his ability to be deceitful and get away with it. Neither are good qualities in a president.
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Negroes With Guns

William1542 Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 11:09 AM
I must say, as a black conservative, that this was one of the most interesting and informative articles I have read in a long time. I grew up in the 60s and 70s. Back then there was still a fair amount of actually history being taught in public schools. But I never learned of the link between the KKK and the Democrat Party, nor of the NRA and their work in helping blacks defend themselves. Fascinating and, sadly, makes perfect sense.
Sorry John, didn't mean to flag this as offensive. I meant to reply. Got a little finger happy. But, to answer your question - people are afraid to confront him because he is Black. So am I by the way. It has become so convenient to label his critics as racists, and no one want's that stigma attached to them. Especially we Republicans. I am sad to say that in the Black Community, he can do no wrong. His every word is gospel and his every action divine. It will support him blindly, not matter how duplicitous he is being. We are just not paying attention, and those that are, are afraid to say anything.
We need to care about him because he is the head of the only democracy in the middle-east, and our only true friend and alley in that part of the world. It's about friendship, not oil. Get it?
The President spoke in shorthand? WTH?
Does this guy even understand how our federal government works? Does he understand the concepts of Checks and Balances and Separation of Powers - things that I learned in my middle schools Civics class? He is going to mess around and tick some Supreme Court Justices off. Perhaps even some of the liberal judges. Man, if only more people who where on the right side of issues, had these kind of kahunas...
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