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As any loyal Lord Obama folower would tell you, this poll simply shows that 2/3rds od the country are racist biggots and so his highness must ignore what the people want and do what he believes is right. After all this is what most politicians at every level have been doing for many years now. They do what they want (translated that means they do what their highest campaign contributrs tell them to do ) and not what the people they represent want let alone what is constitutional. And so long as the average American can come home and eat their TV dinner and drink beer while watching the current popular voyueristic shows on the boob tube they will ignore what the government is doing and let the theft of this country wealth and our freedom continue.
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Privacy, Please

William109 Wrote: May 16, 2014 5:38 PM
"They just want your travel pattern in order to know where to build the next highway, add mass transit and so on." This is a classic example of government misdirection that exceeds due to the public's ignorance. This sounds like a reasonable explanation (to know where to perform road work and expand areas) but the government already has traffic pattern info without these black boxes. With cell phones being a ubiquitous as they are its unlikely that more than a few wrecks would occur without someone calling in on a cell phone to report it. There also are thousands of cameras on the public roads and thoroughfares such that the government has eyes on 24/7 of most major traffic areas. The bottom line is that the Feds want these black boxes so as to expand their mass surveillance program. The Federal government is actively pursuing the implementation of a police state. They have been militarizing the police while slowly implementing various forms of surveillance across the country.
My wife and I follow traditional gender roles; she stays home with the kids and loves every minute of every hour of every day and if asked about what the feminists would think of her choosing to stay home she says "Who cares what a bunch of unhappy man hating grouchy women think". Women are waking up to the lie of the so called modern feminists movement which is nothing about empowering women. Empowering women is about providing women with the ability to do as they choose, to do what they want without critcism from either side. The feminists are for the most part mindless followers who seem to feel the need to criticize women who choose differently from the feminists.
Some more well-known persons in alternatives media have been claiming for years that there is an organized effort/collaboration between government and private corporations that control the media to suppress true investigative reporting on government, its people and what it does and at every turn they’ve been ridiculed by those in mainstream media. These same people have been warning since Obama first was elected that Obamacare would be a con job. Lastly, for decades they’ve been warning us of government spying at an abusive level and they were highly criticized by the mainstream media. Perhaps it’s time to stop calling the alternative media “Conspiracy Theorists” and consider that they might be telling the truth because the mainstream media sure as heck no longer is.
@kanga235 A gun free zone is NOT constitutional but if no one in law enforcement or in the judicial branch of government is going to step up and hold accountable persons who push for 'Gun Free' zones as beeing legal/constitutional then it matters little if they are constitutionally legal or not. The rights & freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights are worthless if no one is willing to stand up to the bullies who try to step all over those rights. The American people have given over to the government the authority to do as it pleases so long as it goes through the farce of getting approval from the Judcial branch and enforcement from the executive branch and its various law enforcment agencies.
Is anyone buying into the "Domestic Terrorism" lie anymore these days?
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