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This nonsense again? Is he claiming the insurance companies trashed their customer base because they wanted to? Dems don't hesitate to lie to the public.
Such concern and commitment to the poor. It makes me misty...
"Copper Plan"? Is anyone going to account for the fact that such a plan would have cost 30% less before it had to incorporate all the redistribution and liberal bells and whistles? Selling people less for more money is not something to be proud of.
Duh! The answer to "How hard could it be?" is sometimes "Very". Is is surprising that a cadre of well-meaning, ego-inflated socialists couldn't recreate actuarial science? Duh?
And what a party it's been! Brought to you by inept Republicans, shrewd Progressives and know-nothing voters.
He's not out of touch - he's from another planet!
Exactly what we need: A federal agency controlling poor peoples' income. The next great idea will be to subsidize low interest rates on loans with tax levies against the middle class.
Now, let's see: Young people are not enthused about a program that forces them to pay inflated rates for coverage they don't want or need (it's easy enough to buy cheap, good accident-only coverage anyway) AND now our imperial queen wants to dismiss them with a wave of her wand? What am I missing here?
Oy vey! This woman should work for the Dems. She confuses the simplest things every time she opens her mouth!
Well, at least we have more than enough lemonade...
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