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In Defense Of Religious Liberty

William... Carpinteria CA Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 10:29 AM
Dave3036... There is the illicit concept of a "gay marriage" and should this become law the gay and lesbian community will not be able to stop there... They will then protest that they are being discriminated against when any Church denies them the "Sacrament of Holy Matrimony." They will sue any Church that will not preform their "marriages" and the Courts will meekly say that those Churches are breaking the law. That would end our religious freedom.

Recently, Jay Michaelson wrote a piece for The Daily Beast titled “The ‘Religious Liberty’ Bullies and Their Fight Against LGBT Equality.” In it, he suggests that those who oppose same-sex marriage for religious reasons are the same as the racists who opposed desegregation laws. He calls those who protect religious liberty, and who therefore are willing to stick up for the rights of religious people who oppose same-sex marriage, insincere and “racist,” as well. “Today is a different age—but the players, and the rhetoric, are the same,” he states. Later on, he says that defenders of religious liberty are “simply repurposing...