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Did ya just cross the border?? ... well welcome to Tomorrow Land where everything is free and there is no need for ya to ever need a job let alone work
He cares nothing about the cost in money or our liberty ... to the progressive we are nothing but serfs and cannon fodder.
"Thou shalt not bear false witness" ... is understood as a moral imperative by our system of justice. You lie, you go to jail ... unless of course you are a liberal. Liberals need to get down on their knees and pray that there is no God as they simply cannot stop lying.
I would simply take a gun safety course in a nearby State. And as with a marriage or drivers license of any State, D.C. would have to accept it as they do not themselves offer the means and facilities to complete their own requirement. If and/or when D.C. rejects that training then you have grounds for legal action against D.C. and their law's requirement.
Every time these future graduates apply for any position their names will be Googled and this idiocy will come up. Actions have consequences.
Her moral comfort is not more important than Mr Halleck's right to defend his family, himself and the other children at that school.
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