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What You Can't Say

willi4 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 8:29 AM
Thank you Walter. Rarely does anyone have the courage to express what you so eloquently have here. Interestingly, you also touched on the Founders and the arguments made to end slavery at the founding. Most people are unaware that the first Declaration of Independence attempted to do just that but was rejected by some states as the "deal breaker". Our Founders then decided to remove it in the interest of forming the Union. Albeit kicking the can down the road for future generations to decide. And they did. I wonder how many Americans are aware of this? Is it too much to ask that you have a try at getting this word out to the People? Thank you again.
Joseph64 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 9:51 AM
It's no use. You would be trying to talk to people so ignorant that they believe the 3/5 compromise was intended to hurt blacks when it actually was intended to help them. It was the slaveowners who wanted full representation for their slaves and the abolitionists who did not want them to be counted at all but they'll never believe it no matter how much proof you put in front of them.
Jon Hubbard, a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives, has a book, titled "Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative." Among its statements for which Hubbard has been criticized and disavowed by the Republican Party is, "The institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise. The blacks who could endure those conditions and circumstances would someday be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth."

Hubbard's observation reminded me of my 1972 job interview...