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The article opening line was exactly what I was thinking before I saw it. If you go to N. Korea, I do not want to hear you whining that you are set for execution. It's stupid, don't go there!
Funny though, we on the right are the only ones who care what other people think or what they call us. This has to stop. Call me a racist and I call you something else. Game over. Back to the real problem, the communist take-over of the United States of America.
When you "look down your nose at someone" it's because you have lifted your nose in the air. Think Lois Lerner in that now famous photo.
Perhaps what we need is a new interpretation of the first Amendment to expand on what liberals constantly call "The separation of Church and State". OK, if that can be interpreted as such then perhaps we need another that includes the separation of Liberal Secularism (which is an ISM like any other) and State. Liberals think they own the State since they are arguably the furthest thing from a Church that I can recall. Acts such as the ones described in the Article would then be considered a violation of the 1st Amendment. Considering the actual phrase "or the free exorcize thereof" I rest my case as this can surely be applied not only to religion but also free speech. freedom of speech of those who own those sites and arguably the freedom to HEAR that speech. The freedom to HEAR free speech must also be protected lest this loophole be exploited by the great exploiters.
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Meet Kevin O: The New Majority Leader

willi4 Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 9:59 AM
The system is run by money, and it's not your money. Unless you are a member of the elite banker family (unmentioned) your agenda does not get heard. Anyone elected to any position today above the rank of Mosquito control realizes this on day two. Right after all of the celebrating how unique and wonderful you are, you get the slap in the face that says you must get elected again or die. Then, you must get along with all of the other elected officials or die. Then, you realize that in order to do this, you must become one of them or die. If you are a really big deal politician, you get a visit from a short unassuming man in a double breasted suit on a Tuesday morning who tells you your deepest and darkest secrets. Secrets even your mother does not know. Things you never told anyone about. He tells you where your kids go to school, who their friends are and what songs they listen to, he also mentions your mother and where she lives. When he is satisfied that you fully comprehend that he knows everything about you and who you love most, and tells a few stories about his "friends" and other politicians and their families who are no longer with us. Then clearly outlines what you will do next and it is not what you think you were elected to do. Welcome my son. Welcome to the machine.
Taxation without representation.
Yep. Well said. I like the use of the word Barbarians, but you may be offending those of us who are actually descendents of Barbarians. We were never as bad as these.
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White Privilege

willi4 Wrote: May 28, 2014 10:40 AM
It really boils down to recognizing that there are differences among the races. Is any one superior to another? NO! Are some superior to others in certain areas? YES! But any child of any race can attain greatness, this is where culture enters the equation. Race and culture have been misinterpreted from the dawn of civilization. Race is not culture. Culture is what shapes a race that adheres to any given culture. The boundaries and societal norms of any culture will either make or break any group that adopts said cultural norms. ie: If you live among swine and consider yourself to be one of them, expect lots of mud and eventually to become bacon. That aside, any member of any race can switch teams at any time. if you find yourself wanting to improve your math, start hanging out with those who do well in math. Become one of them. Adopt their study habits and join them when they have discussions. If you wish to improve your hunting skills, find good hunters. Want ballet? Etc... If you wish to join a group but are unable to "get in" do what millions of other have done and read books on those things and learn for yourself. This is how humans improve. Races on the other hand seem to cling bitterly to their culture. If those cultural norms are destructive...the results are always the same.
To everyone claiming that West does not have enough experience, explain what "experience" a POTUS should have? Then ask yourself what experience did Washington have? JFK? Lincoln? Any president? I would prefer to see a man of good nature and honesty make a terrible mistake than a man of great experience make the same mistake. Tell me what else we have had?
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Jon Stewart Trashes 'Hypocrite' Harry Reid

willi4 Wrote: May 15, 2014 8:08 AM
What is all this BS about blind squirrels and clocks twice a day???Stewart has been doing this two way funny street for a good while now. Stewart is what he is, but he has earned the right to be expected to ridicule anything he thinks can be funny on either side.
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