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Cowards! If they know their agenda is not popular, they hold off the execution until after they are out of danger. And the American idiots who vote Democrat forget that fast how bad they are. This is beyond outrage! And America is lost if the idiots who vote for these communists keep burying their heads in the sand.
If he is as good at keeping the enemy in the dark as he is the American people, we have nothing to worry about. Our only real concern at this point is whose side he is actually on.
At least they did not use the "Veggie Monster" aka the Cookie Monster. Ridiculous!
Let's hope we do not hear of one "coming out" with some poor student in the bathroom.
The Uzi is too short and this is a predictable outcome. I offer my prayers to all involved. It is NOT the girl's fault. He should have known the nature of the Uzi. A full length rifle would not enable the muzzle to swing this radically. The Uzi rotates about trigger.
This happens way too often when kids too young get on the insane fire rate weapons. There has to be some wisdom that would prevent this from happening again. I feel sick about all of this but I am most disturbed by the fact that this girl is going to have to live with this for the rest of her life. If I could speak to her: Little lady, this was not your fault.
Agreed, if 1887-1890 set in motion the corporate giant we live under today, then 1913 framed the coffin of liberty. 1933 saw the final nails driven.
Yeah but to preserve the Union is also a cop out as the Union was destroyed by it's own preservation. The Confederate states wanted out and the North declared war! What was left standing at the end IS THE ABOMINATION WE LIVE IN TODAY! THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES CORP. But Lincoln had to die first. being a lawyer and I beleive a true patriot, he would never have stood for the foundation of the corporation in DC and the subsequent destruction of the Union by sub-incorporating the several States under the authority of the federal government as it has been since.
Conservatives and Libertarians stand on much common ground. With the exception of drug laws, there is little a Conservative and a Libertarian would argue about.
That was how honor was defended. And everyone was encouraged to judge for themselves. Encouraged I say.
And perhaps it would come as a shock to many that he purchased slaves to keep them from his abusive neighbors. Jefferson's slaves were luckier than others. Let the racist barrage begin. You can not argue with the truth.
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