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I write this in the midst of indecision. I despise Brown but she is right. In fact, I have never heard her say anything with such clarity and professionalism. On the one hand, I could be partisan and hope the redistricting causes her to lose re-election. But on the other, she is right, the districts were drawn legally and should remain.
or maybe the word cr(a)p?
Yep, it's true. Here is the post I wanted to make: I can also remember a day when CENSORED in America were Christian. Either they have become scarce or MSNBC cherry picked this CENSORED panel from a group of Atheists. Religion has been blamed for the folly of man for too long. They are teaching your kids this (poop) in the public indoctrination camps. Religion is not the problem. Men (people for all of you idiots out there who would notice) are the problem.
Is this crazy or what, Townhall will not let me make a certain post:
I can not post a comment containing the word "Bl$%cks"?
I was thinking this too. if we are going to have poor wretched masses, maybe we can do slum exchanges. Give them Godless New york, Chicago, and LA in exchange for Catholic immigrants.
He'll get reduced to community service. I think driving a SCHOOL BUS would be appropriate.
Your argument would be valid if only we were operating under the original Constitution for the Unites States. But, we are operating under Unified Commercial Code. The federal government is a corporation. Check Dunn & Bradstreet for listings of US GOVERNMENT and you will see all of the branches. That fact, then this, the US CONGRESS is also listed and falls under the authority of the US GOVERNMENT corporation as do the several STATE CORPORATIONS. This make the POTUS the CEO and while in office, he can do whatever he thinks is best and the Constitution be damned. SURPRISED? I was.
Wow, too cerebral? Degree in English? Wants a "dumbed down" version? Wow. I am a complete moron and I thought it was perfect. It reflects poorly on any society which comes to prefer "dumbed down" to intelligent. Perhaps it is the preference for "dumbed down" that brought us to this current sorry state of individual stupidity?
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