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So if one is delusional and does not expect the inevitability of death, Atheism is cool?
My faith proves nothing to you. But God's faith has moved worlds. And for all of the "religions" of the world, the state of Christianity is unlike any other. It is not a religion but a separation from the World. A spiritual state of being. And none of the World's "religions" call upon us to love others. And without exception, Christ died to show us the way. None of the World's religions began this way. Unique.
Here's the signs will be given this sinful generation. If there was some proof that God provides, sinners everywhere would have to believe through that proof. This is not man's destiny. You have free will. A gift to some and a curse to many. It is through arduous pursuit that one comes to find God. Yes, He must be found yet it is He who pursues you. So, you want your faith handed to you without effort? Sounds typical of this generation. At best, you are provided with copious amounts of evidence, do your research. The irony of it all is that once you see, the entire veil is lifted and proof will rain down on you. And even more ironically, that proof will be for your eyes only. It's yours and will have little affect on others. You will want to tell it to everyone you know without shame, but they will politely smile and tell you how wonderful it is while never really understanding it. And then you will encounter the Atheist who demands your proof.
This makes me happy. I hope your journey is filled with wonder and joy. Embark.
Your pen is moving through space at about 600K mph into a vastness that stretches beyond your imagination. But none of it should exist but from nothing, God spoke it into being. I think He can and is as we speak, moving your pen. The real question is...why are you so afraid to let Him move your heart.
I write this in the midst of indecision. I despise Brown but she is right. In fact, I have never heard her say anything with such clarity and professionalism. On the one hand, I could be partisan and hope the redistricting causes her to lose re-election. But on the other, she is right, the districts were drawn legally and should remain.
or maybe the word cr(a)p?
Yep, it's true. Here is the post I wanted to make: I can also remember a day when CENSORED in America were Christian. Either they have become scarce or MSNBC cherry picked this CENSORED panel from a group of Atheists. Religion has been blamed for the folly of man for too long. They are teaching your kids this (poop) in the public indoctrination camps. Religion is not the problem. Men (people for all of you idiots out there who would notice) are the problem.
Is this crazy or what, Townhall will not let me make a certain post:
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