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Funny. Forgot about Sharpton too.
Forgot about Christie.
Expanded my asssssssssss.... He is breaking the LAW!
This really pissessssss me off. This woman is cleaner than our POTUS and she is ruined. I say let them sentence her and then we all bust her out with 200 million gun owners all decending on NJ.
And where are the several indictments against our Commie-in-chief?
I say it's time for Texas to clean it's own house of the communists. They will use whatever means available to defeat their enemies....US.
I loved Robin Williams and to say the least, my family and I will miss him. But the details surrounding his death warranted some disclosure. Questions that might sully the dead's reputation need to be addressed. And I think they were. Rest in peace Mr. Williams, but know this, the sorrow and sadness you apparently carried with you was released on the rest of us when you took your own life. I never knew you personally, but your death feels like a death in the family.
We all rely too heavily on the word processor these days. And any good creative writer knows that proof readers are gold. And any professional writer needs one. That said, I am also a grammar Nazi but make my most horrible typos and grammar errors when I am being a good little grammar Nazi and correcting or otherwise ridiculing others for their lack thereof. Whew!
The people you describe have been in the world since creation. They are called Heathens. They came to power in this nation due to the slow grind of complacency on part of the faithful. It was us who used to castigate them for their sin. At some point in time, it became they who castigate us for our faith. Christians forgot how to name call. We allowed ourselves to be silenced for fear of "What business is it of yours?". Christians became weak minded people who have no answer to that. The answer is that you are destroying our nation. We all sin. We are all born with it, even those of us who are saved. It is unavoidable, but Christ remains. We have allowed ourselves to be bottled by words of condemnation from the damned. And so we sit beside them is the muck.
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