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Ferguson Grand Jury Has Reached A Decision

willi4 Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 3:02 PM
They will reason among themselves that the ruin of one innocent man will be more profitable than the riots that will ensue. This was one of the reasons they crucified Christ. Wilson will be sacrificed on the altar of racial tensions just to avoid the clearly obvious threat to tear down the city if he is acquitted. Let us stop pretending that the system is functioning as intended.
http://www.tumblr.com/search/Latrine# Dead ringer.
Because abortion provides the sexual psychopath liberal a certain amount of risk reduction. They like the idea that if they get pregnant, they can always hit the reset button. As in all immoral behavior, there is a price to pay. Unfortunately it's the innocent that are paying the price in this case. Maybe legalize abortion but require the amputation of a major limb for each one? Sooner or later you run out of chances and limbs. Problem solved. But abortion has gone on for too long with only one side of the debate losing everything and paying the price for others' sins: the innocent.
George Soros.
OK. If SHE gets pregnant, my pro-life stance is challenged. If someone is SO adamant about not having children, why not opt to self sterilize?
This is why only those who owned land and therefore paid taxes were allowed to vote. We were a republic where representation was only given to those who paid taxes and in doing so, everyone else. What we have now is a Democracy, which only lasts about 200 years or until the people discover that they can vote themselves riches from the public treasury and elect politicians who make such promises. We can no longer continue as a Democracy, but this would require the understanding of those stupid people that losing their "right to vote" is actually in their best interest.
The world and it's master have been trying to kill Christianity since the beginning. They have only caused it to grow exponentially. Christ can endure whatever these unbelievers can throw at Him. We as Christians must endure. Also we must continue to speak and not give up.
I doubt we are dealing with a Christian here.
The pro abortion argument can not withstand the truth of an ultrasound. He who lies hates the truth. The truth is not in him. he is the father of lies. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.
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