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Blustering Biden, Serene Ryan Exchange Barbs in Fiery 90-Minute Debate

willi4 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 7:39 AM
Biden reminds me of a cheap whiny defense attorney who knows only that his client is guilty but with no idea how to defend him. Except to say that he is a good person deep down inside. As with Liberals everywhere, results are secondary to intentions. O meant well but failed miserably. But we, if we also share in those good intentions, should WANT to be good enough to give him a second chance. Biden seems to be making the claim that if we were BETTER people, we would understand somehow.
Ann272 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 7:49 AM
"If you've got the facts, pound the facts. If you haven't got the facts, pound the table." The cheap tactics used by Biden, and not stopped by an ineffective moderator, were successful. Under the smiling continuous rictus is a wily opponent. Ryan was unable to complete giving out information to a watching public. Biden is continuing the destruction of America.

It was crystal clear tonight that Vice President Biden was determined not to reprise the president's passive performance in Denver.  In that, he succeeded.  He also succeeded in interrupting his opponent constantly, repeatedly laughing at strange moments, and playing the 'loud anger' card frequently.  Rep. Paul Ryan's serenity in the face of the Vice President's behavior was almost supernatural.  On actual talking points, the two men battled to a draw.  Ryan excelled on economic issues, gave a fabulous answer on abortion and closed strong.  He also held his own on foreign policy.  Biden scored on Afghanistan and by pointing out...